Monday, June 6, 2016

Purer Than Ivory Soap

Did you know that the US Treasury Department teaches their agents, not to study counterfeit money, but to examine only the real thing? Any deviation is considered to be a fake. That is the same way, that God approaches his Word. With so many religious books around the world, claiming to be the Word of God, The Bible stands alone, as 100% error free. That is better than Ivory Soap, which claims to be 99.9% pure. Even God holds his Word above his own name. Psalm 138:2.


  1. Very true Keith,
    I remember when I first became born again that many people brought all sorts of books to me, some of which appeared to contradict one another and many of which contradicted the Word written in the Bible.
    I sought the Lord over this and He showed me about eating only 'unleavened bread' through the scriptures in Matthew ch. 16 vs. 11 and 12 referring to 'leaven' as doctrine. I knew immediately that He was instructing me to eat only the bread of life which is in Him, the undoctrined Word of God.

    It also went together with my father's instruction when my siblings and I used to argue and say 'Dad, dad who is right?'. He would say 'Let's see what the Lord says' and would always find an answer to settle the argument in the Bible, probably through the book of proverbs, Psalms or Ecclesiastes.

  2. Your father sounds like a wise man.!