Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nehushtan: The Sin Of The Asherah Poles

Did you know that many Christians do not realize that they are guilty of the sin, known as Nehushtan, within the Jewish community ?

First a little background.

In the book of Bamidbar, Numbers, we find the story of when many Israelites were dying, because the sting of a serpent. As an interesting sidenote, the Hebrew rendering has them as flying fiery serpents.  Most scholars and Jewish and Christian scientists now believe they were the now extinct pterosaur, but that's another blog entry.

In this story, God tells Moses to set up a Pole, with a Brass Serpent on it. God told Moses and the Israelites that whoever looked upon it would not die. Bottom line: The serpent on the pole did not save them, but their faith, in what God said, did. As a side note, please keep in mind, that it has always been taught that the serpent represented their sin and the brass was judgement. Together, they are judged sin.

Fast forward to the time of Hezekiah, as documented in 2 Kings 18, we find that long after the Moses Serpent on the Staff incident, the Jews were not only still worshipping the original Serpent on the Staff, they were also erecting duplicates of the Serpent on the Staff and worshiping them. They were known as Asherah Poles. In obedience to YHWH, Hezekiah removed all the Asherah Poles.

Now, fast forward to the time of Y'shua, Jesus, specifically his conversation with Nicodemus, in John 3. Y'shua strangely mentions the Serpent on the Pole, as an old testament reference to his soon to be sacrifice. Why?

First and foremost, as a metaphoric reference/prophecy of a future pole sacrifice, with the judged sin of mankind upon it.

Second, so we would not make the same mistake that the Jews did and raise the Serpent (Judged Sin) on the Pole (Cross) higher than YHWH. 

Now, fast forward to today, look at the majority of modern day Christianity. They have taken the Cross with God's Son, who became our sin judged and raised him higher than God, himself. Yes, because of Y'shua's obedient unto death, he was elevated to be equal standing with God, becoming heir to the throne of David. However, there is rarely any reference to YHWH, our Father, within many Christian churchs. It all Jesus. Again, he has that God -Given priveledge to be worshipped, but not to the exclusion of his Father, our Father, who is in Heaven. The One and Only God.

That is Nehushtan: The Sin Of The Asherah Poles. Raising Y'shua, Jesus, higher than God himself, sometimes even eliminating God.

Are you guilty? 

...and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hazon Gabriel, God Has A Way Of Authenticating His Truth!

Did you know that there are some who say that Y'shua, Jesus, made up the idea of a dying and resurrected Messiah? Most mainstream Jews and Muslims actually say the there is no scriptural or cultural evidence that shows a picture of the Messiah, resembling the Messianic picture put forth by Y'shua, Jesus, within the 1st century Middle East. However, a recent archeological find, found in the same area as the Dead Sea Scrolls, has shown that the idea of two separate Messiahs, a suffering and a victorious/conquering Messiah, was indeed prevalent, within the scriptural and cultural society of the Middle East, specifically, within Israel and her surrounding communities.

Found in 2000, Gabriel's Revelation, also called Hazon Gabriel or the Jeselsohn Stone, is a three-foot-tall (one metre) stone tablet with 87 lines of Hebrew text written in ink, containing a collection of short prophecies written in the first person and dated  to sometime within the  1st century BC.

Amazingly, one of the prophesies specifically foretells of a man who would be would be killed by the Romans and be  resurrected in three days. This would be a prophesy written up to 100 years before the time of Y’shua, Jesus, just as the Romans were beginning to expand their empire into the Middle East.

As a side note, for those who deny the scriptural evidence, try looking into Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, as starters.

So, next time someone tries to tell you that Y'shua, Jesus, and his followers, tried to introduce a new type of Messiah or a new line of cultural or religious thought into the Jewish culture, during the 1st century, remind them of the Hazon Gabriel, and remind them of their true Jewish Roots.

... and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together! God Proven Logically.

Did you know that your inner thoughts prove that Satan is alive and well? It doesn't matter if you believe in God or not, everyone has problems doing things, that they know are the right things to do. Even if it's only something that you really want to do, disobedience is constantly being sowed within you. Think about it. This is true, even if you are trying to do something that only you feel is right. If you are true with yourself, you will admit there is always some force, which is in opposition to you.

The Bible calls that force by the name of Satan, the opposer, the railer, one that is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. The world and Satan will attempt to prove that Satan is a figment of the imagination. Again, think about it. That is exactly what you would expect a deceiver to do, to keep his reality in flux, just beyond the point of certified reality. Allowing you to admit to yourself that Satan is real, alive and well, would prove that God is real.

Isaiah 1:18 says:

Proceed logically and judge for yourself, says YHWH.

That's what God and his Word encourages you to do. That's what logic and your logical mind tells you to do, deep down inside. Isn't funny how there is a force telling you not to? Isn't the constant opposition, proof of the truth, that resides in logic?

...and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.