Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Even The Numbers Point To The Cross

Did you know that in the Book of Bamidbar, the Book of Numbers, God told the Israelites, a special way, to encamp, around the tabernacle? The book also tells us the quantity, of each tribe and what side, they were to encamp. To the north, behind the tribe of Dan, 157,600. To the south, behind the tribe of Ruben, 151,400. To the east, behind the tribe of Judah, 186,400. To the west, behind the tribe of Ephraim, 108,400. Now, you are probably wondering, "Why, in the world, have you dragged me through these numbers?". Well, if you will, imagine yourself as an eagle, flying over the desert. You are swooping, through the valley of Sinai and you come to a mountain. As you rise majestically over this mountain, you are treated, to the vision, that you see, in the picture below. You see, everything, including the numbers, in the Bible, points to the Messiah and his sacrifice upon the altar of God, the Cross. Oh, excuse me, I forgot, it's just another coincidence.

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