Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Speed of Light is Slowing Down

Did you know that the speed of light has been measured four separate times in the modern scientific age, using scientific methods, each time outside of the previous measured tolerance, revealing that the speed of light is slowing down? These readings can be plotted on a cosecant curve and reveals that a man standing on earth would calculate the age of the universe at 15 billion years, while someone, at the edge of the universe would document the age of the universe at at only 7000 years old. Imagine that! Both sides are correct.

The Word of God and Science are in perfect harmony

Did you know that the Word of God and Science are in perfect harmony, when interpreted, without bias?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Laws of Physics Suspended

Did you know that the Laws of Physics state that everything is going from order to disorder, otherwise, everything is decaying or dying. However, there is only one part of the universe where this law is actively being suspended or even reversed, making human life, as we know it, possible, only on planet Earth. This is known as the Anthropic Principle.

The Anthropic Principle is the Law of Human Existence. It is well known that our existence in this universe depends on numerous cosmological constants and parameters whose numerical values must fall within a very narrow range of values. If even a single variable were off, even slightly, we would not exist.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Issue of Sin and Our Lack Of Faith

The Bible clearly teaches that we presently live and are restricted to a four dimensional reality in contrast to the fully functional and complete dimensionality in which we were created. Understanding this basic premise will unlock many baffling truth's within the Bible concerning our reality, especially the sin issue. 

In physics, we are told that we live in a constant state of entropy, order to disorder or decay. We are also told that there is a power source which, if we can tap into it, can reverse or stay the effects of entropy.  Scientist tells us that there is a real but intangible barrier that prevents us from tapping into this energy, which appears to be powered by this power source. They are presently working on a "dimensional" or "wormhole" solution to this problem. 

Amazingly, the Bible tells us the same thing. In our fallen state, we are in decay. However, that rate of decay can be suspended and eventually be overcome by tapping into the source of power of the universe, God.  It is interesting to note that our barrier to that power source is our individual sin, not sin in general, because our individual path is independent of everyone else's. 

Our faith is our interdimensional bridge or wormhole through this barrier that can only be powered or allowed by God.  Lying, cheating, homosexuality or anything that is contrary to the will of God's are signs of our natural decay. 

When we do anything that is contrary to the will of God, it shows our lack of or diminished level of faith. This is supported by Philippians 4:3, "I can do all things through the Salvation of God through which I gain my strength."  

The Word of God, manifested in the man, Y'shua, tells us to be perfect as our Father is perfect. Being less than perfect shows our lack of faith or our insulated tapping of the energy of God or our willful disobedience. Only the individual and God knows which one.