Friday, July 22, 2016

Reigning With The Messiah

Did you know that the Bible doesn't teach that believers will spend eternity in Heaven? Check it out. Believers will rule a new Earth with the Messiah, as joint heirs, Kings and Priests. Still sounds pretty good to me.


  1. 'Behold I make all things new'


    Keith, do you know what the third Heaven, Paradise (2 Corinthians ch. 12 v. 2) is, as it fits in exactly what Paul the apostle said about it with my 'near death experience'?

  2. Hey Brenda,
    that's cool! God has sent you back to be a witness. Many say that there are only three levels of heaven, but the scriptures are clear the there are, at least four, the sky, the vacuum of space, Abraham's Bosom and Eternity. It sounds like you passed over to the spirit realm of the third heaven, Abraham's Bosom. What a treat and a Great Responsibility to witness.

  3. I can not describe the beauty, the peace and the love I felt in that place Keith. I have seen the beauty of many countries in the world but never anything to match what I saw in that place. The sadness I felt when a voice said 'It's not time yet, you must go back' was deeper than any I had felt, yet I knew it had to be.
    I believe that is why I am so passionate about spreading the gospel, because I know that Word is true. That place was reality, my twenty eight years of life was as a dream.

    Have you written something on Abraham's Bosom, Keith, as I do not fully understand it. I know that in 2 Corinthians ch. 12 the third Heaven is also called Paradise, I would love to learn more.

  4. Hi Keith, that depends on what you believe that heaven is, and whether you are a futurist or not.

    Do you believe that Jesus is going to make you a King and a Priest in the future sometime ?
    And then rule the sinners on in a new heaven and a new earth ? :-)

  5. Hi Brenda,
    No, I haven't wrote about Abraham's Bosom, but I should. It is the place, where we are in the presence of the Lord, but not before the Throne of God, when we die. It is, also, the place Y'shua was referencing, on the cross, to the thief. A great gift of reassurance, that you have been given. Exciting!!!

  6. Hi Paul,
    Yes, the Bible clearly points to a time, in the future, that true believers will reign with the Messiah, as Kings and Priest, which is the fulfillment of the original purpose, for which God made the earth, for man to reign or have dominion over creation.

    As for reigning over the sinners, there is a 1000 year reign, that could be described as that.

  7. Yes Keith,
    I knew that was reality, I had been there before, my twenty eight years of life was as a dream. I was not born again then of God's Holy Spirit, and I grieved terribly because I had been sent back, but seven years later when I became a believer in Christ I came across two scriptures that comforted me. One was where God said to Jeremiah that He knew him before He formed him in the womb. The other one was where Paul the apostle said about a man that was carried away to the third Heaven.

  8. Keith,
    Yes I thought that you would be a futurist.
    For me, the futuristic doctrines are not true.
    My Lord does not have a thousand year reign in the future sometime, my Lord is raining now in His Kingdom and His rain is everlasting (Rev. 11:15), and His Kingdom has no end (Luke 1:33).

    All those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are NOW priests and kings onto our God and not in the future.

    Well my friend, I think that you should believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be a kingdom priest onto our God and rain with Him NOW, just as I do.

  9. I have to say Keith that I have always believed since I was born again that we are kings and priests (spiritually of course) in the Kingdom now.

  10. Brenda and Paul,
    Let me start off by saying that you are confusing the promises of the Kingdom of God with the Kingdom of Heaven. Please notice, within the Bible, there are two references, to two different kingdoms. A simple quick study of both kingdoms reveals that they are different. You are not alone in this confusion, as there are many people that have been led astray by false denominational teachings.

    The Kings and Priests Promises, that I referred to, are reserved for the Kingdom of Heaven, not the promises of the present Kingdom of God. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with claiming the promises of the Kingdom of God. That shows great faith in the Word and Promises of God. I commend you for that. However, there are a few issues with thinking we are in the Kingdom of Heaven, at the present time.

    1. The Kingdom of Heaven is a literal reigning of the Messiah on planet earth. For a kingdom to be legitimate, A King must literally reign over his kingdom. Y'shua is definitely reigning over the spiritual realm of the Kingdom of God. However, it is quite clear to anyone who open their eyes that the physical earth is being ruled over by Satan, at the present time.

    2. This church age either began at the resurrection of Y'shua or the giving of the Holy Spirit, to the believer. Regardless of your view, both occurred in the first century. That is the beginning point of the church Age. If I can be so bold, I believe that all three of us can agree to that point. This is the beginning of the Kingdom of God. It also has its terminus with the completed Fullness of the Gentiles, referenced by the Apostle Paul .

    3. In 2 Peter 3:13, Peter is looking forward to the future Kingdom of Heaven, as a future fulfillment, of the Kings and Priest promise.

    4. In Revelation, John is clearly being shown the Revelation of the Kingdom of God as it leads into the Kindom of Heaven. As a matter of fact, John is told to write down the things that he has seen, which is and what is to take place later, at a future time. Revelation 1:19.

    A belief in a present kingdom of God/Heaven is not conducive with a Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'rit Hadashah reconciliation of the Scriptures, while a belief in two different kingdoms fits snugly into the whole counsel of God concept.

    Once again, the Word of God has no problems with you claiming the promises of being a King and Priest of this kingdom. However, the actual king and priest promises belong to a literal Kingdom of Heaven, during which the messiah will sit upon a literal throne of David and rule over a new heaven and new earth.

  11. Nice to know that we agree on something Paul, :-) I take it you are referring to 1 Peter ch. 2 v. 9:-

    'But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.'

    and Revelation ch. 1 v. 6:-

    'who has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father—to Him be the glory and power forever and ever! Amen.'

  12. What I am thinking of Keith is that Ephesians ch. 2 says that we are seated with Him in Heavenly places, the beginning of the chapter saying that we were dead in our trespasses and sins. What do you think, do you think that the 'dead' is maybe spiritual? I have to add that I have never been led by any denominational teachings, only by what I believe is the Holy Spirit teaching me.
    There are lots of things in my mind concerning this Keith, like the wheat and the tares both being in the Kingdom of Heaven and the seven churches, and how they are likened spiritually to Isaiah ch. 4 v. 1.