Friday, November 4, 2016

Science And The Quran Proclaims Y'shua, Jesus, Is The Son Of God!

Did you know that Science proves and the even the Quran proclaims that Y'shua, Jesus, was the Son of God? Let's start with the science.

Recently, science has proven that, without the sperm from a man, the female egg will not develop blood and as a result, the egg will not develop, into a human being. Therefore, when you read, in both the Bible and the Quran, that Mariam, Mary, was a Virgin and was made to have child, by the Power of God, that means that Y'shua's, Jesus', blood, came from God and it was the Godly blood, that caused Mariam's, Mary's, egg to develop into the Messiah, the Son of Man and the Son of God.

Also, contrary to what is taught in Islam, the Quran does teach that Y'shua, was perfect and would be a sign to mankind that God is merciful. Read what the following Quran verses say about Mary and her Son.

"He said, "I am only the messenger of your Lord to give you [news of] a pure boy." She said, "How can I have a boy while no man has touched me and I have not been unchaste?" He said, "Thus [it will be]; your Lord says, 'It is easy for Me, and We will make him a sign to the people and a mercy from Us. And it is a matter [already] decreed.' "So she conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a remote place.  Quran 19:19-21

Here, the Quran says that Mariam, Mary, would give birth to a perfect son, and that her son would be mercy from God. That's exactly what the Bible and most Christians proclaim. Y'shua, Jesus, is the perfect Son of God, an avenue, through which God will show his mercy, on all who will place faith, in his promise.

... and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith,
    What a wonderful loving God and what a wonderful mediator between man and God, Who had 'eternal life' in His blood.

  2. Hey Brenda! Isn't amazing how God continuously reveals himself to us, in order to draw us nearer to him.

  3. To you and I it will make sense, but to teach the atheist this will mean nothing. How can we teach with this finding? Serious question because I like it but atheists will just say she messed around and got pregnant. Or they will say Jesus is fictional. This is what I am dealing with lately. Suggestions?

  4. Hey Tim, I think the hardest thing that I ever had to accept is the fact that I will not always be the one to bring others to salvation. It hurts, because I love God so much and want to please him, as I know you do too. However, the Lord consoles me with the fact that it is his Spirit that leads all to salvation. You and I are stepping stones. Out job is to put out the truth. That's it. If we are blessed to be there when and if they finally open up to the Spirit, that's just icing on the cake.

    The second hardest thing to accept is that only a remnant, in every generation, will come to the Lord. That means that there is a big percentage of people, including friends, family, etc. that will not, a very depressing fact.

    I do believe that our biggest job is edify the body and try our best to help those, who call themselves Christians, develop a true relationship with God, so they will come before the throne of God and not be turned away, because he never really knew them, as true B'nai Elohim, Sons of God.

    As for the atheists, you never know, one day, one of those atheists may remember that seed that you planted and later be one of the accumulated reasons, for coming to receive the calling of the Spirit.

    As you know, in this world, there are those, who will accept truth and receive the message of God and there are active disciples of Satan. I don't argue with them anymore. I tell them the truth and rely on God's Spirit to do the rest.

    I know that this is going to sound callous, but it's far more gratifying, to me, to help guard people from getting burned by the fires of hell than to help those that have already perished. I love them all and I will throw a rope to help them out of the fire, but I can't make them grab ahold of the lifeline.

    What are your thoughts?

  5. Hi Keith, and Tim,
    I have to say here that we are given knowledge and wisdom not only for evangelism, but also to encourage and build one another up in the faith, as we are instructed to do in 1 Thessalonians ch. 5.

    There are many in these days who are in danger of falling away, particularly through false doctrine and traditions of men that will make void the Word of God.

  6. Forgot to add Keith, this is what I believe you do, what is written in Thessalonians ch. 5, with what you write.

  7. Thanks, Brenda! Amen, to what you said! I Praise God for you and all those who build up the faith of others. I even Thank God for people, like Paul, who helps us sharpen our tools.

    As a side note, Proverbs 27:17-18 has always been one of my favorites. :-)

    "Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. He who tends the fig tree will eat its fruit, And he who cares for his master will be honored."

  8. I love that verse too Keith, and I love fig trees. I will tell you a little story.
    When we sold our last house the lady that came to view it, who later bought it, noticed a fig tree at the bottom of the back garden. I told her I had grown it from a fig, brought it with us from the previous house in a pot, and planted it in the garden. I told her it had produced five figs that summer, the fruit being the first from that tree. She said 'Oh but it is planted in the garden now.' I knew she did not want me to dig it up and bring it here with me. With a little sadness I said 'Yes, it will stay in the garden'.
    I picked a little branch off before we sold the house and brought it with me, planting it in a pot and placing it in this garden.
    Soon after we arrived, the man across the road asked me if I would like some bushes, as there was only grass in the gardens of this house, and he wanted to get rid of some Hebe bushes. I accepted them gratefully. Then he said he had something else that he wanted to give me. He took me out his back garden and pointed to a fig tree in a pot. I told him my story, finding it amazing what was happening.
    The fig tree he gave me produced five figs this summer, and my twig is growing in another tub.
    God has given me twice as much as I had regarding my fig tree, I can hardly believe it.
    It might seem a simple little story to many, but to me it is a wonderful example of what God can do.

  9. That's a Great Story, Brenda!!! What's even more amazing is that, while you were writing this, I was posting about stewardship. God works in some amazing ways, doesn't he? May God Bless your day...He already has Blessed My Day, with your story. :-) :-)