Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Passover Explained To Nicodemus

Did you know that every Christian, on the planet earth, can recite John 3:16, but very few know John 3:14-15, which explains John 3:16? In these verses, Jesus discusses, with Nicodemus, the story of how Moses lifted up the serpent, in the desert. Whoever looked and placed their trust upon this act was saved from the sting of the serpent. The Bible is very consistent with its symbolism. The serpent symbolizes sin and its sting is death. Jesus goes on to tell Nicodemus that a Son of Man must take the place of the serpent. That is what Passover is all about, the passing of death, from mankind, due to the act of Y'shua, Jesus, upon the cross.


  1. Hi Keith, I don't think that the Lord Jesus has taken the place of the serpent.
    For the Passover, a lamb was required and not a serpent. It is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.
    The serpent introduced sin and the lamb removed sin.
    Moses (lifted up) preached sin and death, and we (lift up) preach Christ and Him crucified for our sins.
    It doesn't say, 'that "A" Son of man', but it says, 'that "THE" Son of man', which is Himself, must be lifted up.

    In plain language, it is God in the flesh who gave His own life for the sins of this world.

    1. Hey Paul, yes it was a Passover lamb. However Jesus, himself, referred to the act concerning the serpent in the desert. His words, not mine. As for the man being crucified upon the cross, please look at I Corinthians 15:21.