Monday, April 11, 2016

God's Conundrum?

Did you know that God requires his creation to be in equilibrium, balanced out? That's why, when someone disobeys God's law, which is defined as sin, God requires retribution, or payment for that disobedience. As barbaric and unjust, as the world sees it, when an innocent person sins, God requires the life blood of an innocent being, for justice. This is a conundrum, since the person, who sinned, is no longer innocent.


  1. Amen, and I say 'Thank You Father for Jesus'.

  2. My thoughts are that when we love someone we give them gifts that we find lovely, lovable, precious. The bible begins with God's preference of Able's gift. God likes living creatures the best. People misread God's point. Instead of realizing themselves to be the most precious of all living creatures folks blindly began slaghtering animals as sacrafices in order to bribe God into accepting and forgiving them. Jesus Christ sets it right. God doesn't need a bribe from a beloved child. WE, living human flesh, are God's gift to God Itself. The world is sadly filled with blind children of God walking around believing themselves to be nothing special.

  3. Hi anonymous. Thanks for your comment. Two quick questions. How did Jesus set it right and why did God require him to go to the cross?