Friday, March 11, 2016

Evolutionist Claim Exposed As Religious Fodder!

Did you know that evolutionists claim that man evolved from apes, solely based on the concrete fact, that we share DNA? They say that other extraneous facts point to and support this thesis. I don't know about you but that sounds a whole lot like a faith based religion to me. Using their rationale, I can say that we evolved from plants, because man also shares DNA with plants. However, there is another equally supported theory from this evidence, that there is a Creator, who is responsible.


  1. Wow brother, I like that picture.
    It remains me on the song we used to sing 'I'm save and secure in the arms of Jesus ….!'

    Yes we know that there are evolutionists who claim that our grandfather was an ape. I always say to them, my grandfather may looked like an ape, but surely he wasn't an ape :-(

    Scientists claim that we have the DNA of the animal in our DNA structure (code).
    I think that they have only discovered something which was written from the beginning in the Bible.

    1. Hey Paul, another thing we totally agree on. There are definitely more things that we agree upon then disagree. I hope that one day we will agree on more.