Monday, March 14, 2016

Biblical Contradictions, Another Atheistic Deception!

Did you know that atheists claim that there are almost 100 "contradictions" in the Bible? Unfortunately, they use these apparent contradictions to lead people to atheism, every day. However, over 99% of these, "contradictions ", are due to erroneous English translational issues, ignorance of local idioms and deliberate deception. One example, given by the atheists, is the fact that the two genealogies of Jesus Christ, from King David to Jesus, don't have the same amount of people and the names are different. Well!!! Duh!!! Of course, not!!!! One genealogy goes from Adam to Jesus, through Mary, his mother, while the other goes from Abraham to Jesus, through Joseph, his adoptive, earthly father. That's like saying that your genealogies are wrong, because your mom and dads genealogies are different. Get familiar with your Jewish and Greek roots. It will help, if any of the "contradictions" arise in your daily conversations. Feel free to contact me, if you need direction.


  1. Here is one I am dealing with. Some of the kings were left out, hence there wasn't 14 generations,there was more. I have my own ideas of why but I am not sure if it right.

  2. Hey Tim! If memory serves me correctly, there are four names missing from the genealogy in Matthew, Jehoiakim and three others, I don't recall. However, the three names that I don't recall, were blotted out from the record, due to the law judgment for idolatry, which was prevalent during their reigns. As for Jehoiakim, I believe that it may be linked to his son's blood curse. What are your thoughts?