Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Physical Nature of God's Realm

On the heels of a most interesting post concerning Quantum Physics, I would like to delve into the physical aspects of God.

Prior to beginning, I would like to define a few terms in order to minimize any confusion.

Enjoy: The ability to experience and have command.
Experience: The ability to physically relate but have no control.
Perceive: The ability to reason, come to a conclusion, based on indirect evidence alone.
Supernatural: A sensed or perceived control of dimensionality above the subjects own dimensionality.

In this first part, let’s look at our basic physical dimensionality and how it relates to God.  As discussed in my friend Dan’s previous post on Quantum Physics, we live in at least a ten dimensional reality. Three physical dimensions we enjoy and have command over are width, length and depth.  We also experience our dimensionality of time, while we are able to perceive at least an additional six dimensions that appear to be rolled up tightly in a physical space of 10 -32 cm.

In our three physical dimensionality, we have the ability to move around and physically command our environment. We can manilpulate ourselves and physical elements forward, backward, up, down and sideways at different angles. We enjoy a freedom to explore within our physical reality.

Now, how about beings that enjoy less than a three physical dimensionality?

The following is a great example of this that was popularized in the book,  Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott. In this book, we are introduced to a two dimensional character that has width and length but no depth. He can move sideways and up and down but has no concept of forward or backward.

When moving around in his dimensionality, his only experience of others is when talking to them or running into each other. He can’t move forward or backwards around them, only sideways, up and down around them. Similar to viewing germs, on a slide, under a microscope. He can’t look sideways because he doesn’t enjoy that dimensionality. If he could, he would see nothing, because they have no depth.

This character is visited by a three dimensional character that can interact with him in his dimension and open a supernatural window into his dimensionality. Let’s think about this for a moment.  Think of the smallest measurement known to you. Now, place this as a depth measurement between the two realities.

The three dimensional being can can now enjoy an existence closer than that measurement than any two individual dimensional beings can enjoy themselves. The two dimensional and the three dimensional being now share an intimacy greater than any intimacy the two dimensional beings can enjoy within his own reality.

When this three dimensional being actually intervenes into the two dimensional reality, it can be only experienced by the two dimensional beings that are directly interacted with. It can only be perceived by other two dimensional beings as supernatural. At this point, they can dismiss or explain it or accept it on faith. When the interaction ends, it leaves only the memory and joy of the experience with the one being interacted with.

Now, what if there were beings that enjoy a dimensionality greater than ours? They would be supernatural to us. This is how God relates to us. In fact, he enjoys a dimensionality much greater than our physical dimensions of time and space. 

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