Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Want To Be Saved.

Saved. To most, it is a very ambiguous word and concept. It has been thrown around by many to mean different things for many situations. As far as God is concerned, the following explains what he means by it. I will attempt to keep it brief. By all means, please request any additional information in the comment section below or at the following email address:

Let’s begin at the beginning..

God created the time-space continuum in which we live. This world was part of this creation which also included mankind. The first man formed by God was an individual by the name of Adam. Adam, was joined little later by his mate, Eve.

After a certain amount of time, Adam and Eve, disobeyed the one rule that God gave them. He told them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. After being tempted, Eve took of the fruit of the tree, followed by Adam. This disobedience created a fracture or separation between God's existence and ours.

In addition, and unfortunately, for Adam and Eve and the rest of mankind, God required a penalty for this disobedience. From this point on, man would experience both physical death and spiritual separation from God for the next 4000. For those 4000 years, God showed man, through his Law, that he required a perfect sacrifice to pay for their infraction. Those 4000 years were also an object lesson to show mankind that no matter what, they could not supply a sacrifice acceptable to God. This was due to God requiring a flawless blood sacrifice of the likes of the one who committed the infraction, otherwise a perfect human blood sacrifice.

The problem, with that, is there was not and never could be a perfect human, since disobedience now resided in the very nature of man. Since no man, born of a man/woman union, is perfect, God had to provide a solution. The solution was to provide a man through an undefiled woman impregnated by the Spirit of God. This resulted in the supernatural birth of Y’shua, Jesus.

According to scriptures, The Tanakh, The Old Testament, where God revealed to us his salvation plan, Y’shua was borne with the Spirit of God and of a virgin woman. He lived a perfect life as a man and was crucified upon the alter of God, the Cross. During his crucifixion, the scriptures tells us that he was made sin for us all. In reality, God withdrew himself from the man Y’shua and left the perfect Jesus to die upon the cross, as the ultimate sin offering.

He was buried in a tomb, guarded by Roman soldiers.

As a side note,  the Jewish leadership feared that the followers of Y'shua would steal the body and claim resurrection. They asked Pontius Pilate to secure the tomb. Pontius Pilate was the Roman Prefect in Israel at this time and the one who condemned Y'shua to death. Pontius Pilate makes a great comment. He said, "Make it as sure as you can." That meant a minimum of four soldiers would guard the tomb for the length of Pesach, Passover.

However, three days later, in fulfillment to scripture, and before the Body would naturally see corruption, God rejoined the man and together resurrected Y’shua in a transformed body and left the tomb.

Later, on Shavuott, Pentecost, Y'shua ascended to his rightful place, the right hand of his Father in Heaven, where he makes intercession for us on a daily basis. With his blood, he is now a sin covering for all of us who relies on that sacrfice for reconciliation with God.

The only thing God requires from any of us is to accept and believe that Y’shua was the perfect sacrifice.

After that, when we confess ours sins to him, he will be faithful and just to forgive us.

As part of the new relationship, a true believer will desire to get to know God on a more intimate basis through his Word and understanding how his creation reveals him to all. Usually, the first act of obedience of a true believer is to follow Y’shua and be baptized. Baptism is being immersed in water to publicly display your dedication to a life in the Messiah and a ever-growing close relationship with God.

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  1. "As part of the new relationship, a true believer will desire to get to know God on a more intimate basis through his Word and understanding his creation."
    Amen! :)