Friday, May 12, 2017

Next Time Someone Accuses God, As Being A Fairy Tale, Remind Them Of The Facts.

Did you know that a new scientific study have calculated the odds of life appearing, on earth, by chance, as less than one in 1010^123?

So, you might ask, as I did, where does it rate with other questions of our time.

Well, science has calculated the odds of there being an omnipotent being, God, as one in 1017. The odds of statistical improbability are one in 1036. They also calculated the odds of statistical impossibility at one in 1050. Statistical Impossibility is defined as,

although not truly impossible, the probability is low enough so as to not bear mention in a rational, reasonable argument.”

So, like back in elementary, let’s put this on a number line.

So, the next time someone accuses God, as being a fairy tale, remind them of the facts.

... and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth


  1. Hi Keith,
    I think I have probably said this before to you. It is a fool that says there is no God! I too believe that most people are denying that there is a God because they simply do not know Him. If they look around at creation and its amazing beauty and workmanship they have to accept that there is a greater One than mankind.
    As for evolution:-) I have always said that if we came from apes then why are apes still around and why are they now all humans.
    God wants all to be saved and I believe He has His way of doing it.
    As I typed this last sentence, a singer on the television in the lounge just sang the words.
    'I will never give up on you.' I believe that is not coincidence.

  2. oops... should have read 'why are they not all humans/'

  3. Yes, I agree. How can anyone look at the complexity of life and all of creation and then deny a creator. As for evolution and man coming from apes, they are saying that we are just a branch from the apes. Pure silliness, if you ask me.

  4. Now you know I don't disagree but this article alone does not help us with the topic. Could you rewrite this giving the scientific citation that shows the calculation? The chart is pretty good.

    Atheists and evolutionists (not always the same thing) will say we branched off the apes not replaced them. We "budded" off the primate vine from them.

  5. Hi Tim,
    my comments are regarding both spoken of in Keith's post - atheists and evolutionists. One does not believe that a God existed, the other believes in evolution (which I do not). There is nothing in scripture that says we evolved from apes, or any other creature.

  6. You got that right!! Just the opposite to evolution...according to their kind. A man does not come from ape and never could.

  7. Hey Tim, I decided a long time ago, to deliberately leave out a lot of supporting evidence. After discussing with a number of people, I came to the conclusion that short generalized posts are read by more people. Leaving out information sparks discussion. However, I will get you the links to you as soon as I get back to my computer.