Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Incredible Expanding.....Earth? Another Bible First!

Did you know that the earth is expanding? Yes, scientists estimated the average growth change in Earth's radius to be 0.004 inches (0.1 millimeters). The reasons, as why this is happening, are included what is called, “The Expanding Earth Theory”. Most scientists have concluded that the core of the earth is most likely growing in size. I find this very amusing, since it wasn’t too long ago that Atheists and other non-believers and even some “Christians” made fun of literal Bible believers, for believing Isaiah 5:14, where it states, “The Underworld enlarges itself.” They laughed and poked fun at literalists, for the mere thought that the earth is growing in size. Well, lo and behold, the earth doth grow and now it’s the scientists, atheists, non-literalist, etc., that has to eat their own words and admit that the Bible, once again, got it correct, and was the first to do so.

…and that’s what you’ll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith, I'm not sure about the scientists predictions, they also claim that the earth is billions of years old, how then can they measure the expansion of 0.1 millimeter of the earth.
    I think that they just professing themselves to be wise, but you know the rest :-)

  2. Hi Keith,
    I have to say that if I believed what scientists said then I would be a monkey's uncle - er... I mean aunt. I would hope that they would come to believe more of God's Word.

  3. Hey Paul and Brenda, I tend to agree with you concerning scientists in general. However, the NASA site, from which I got the actual measurements, indicated that they used laser measurements, from fixed satellites. If anything, I would not have expected them to be on the same side as the Bible. The bigger point is the fact that the scriptures are being proven correct, after years of ridicule from the anti-God community. Atheists and other non-Bible believers have made great strides using incorrect data, to lead our youth and those of lesser faith astray. We need to make sure that we counter their propaganda, whenever we can.

  4. I agree with what you say Keith, my comment was just a little joke concerning what scientists used to say about us coming from apes. It is lovely now to see that they are seeing that the Bible has always been true. I believe many scientists also acknowledge now that there was a flood covering the earth.

  5. I did smile at your monkey's aunt comment. I also agree with hoping that scientists would eventually recognize Gods Word as the truth, not some fairy tale.

  6. Keith, Brenda's 'monkey's aunt comment' has a lot of truth in it, you and all the scientists just can't see it.
    Scientists know that we are related to the animal and are linked to the beast.
    And most of the Christians can't see it either because they don't really read their Bibles properly.

    And I lift up my eyes to heave and praise my Father who is in heaven that He has hidden those things from the wise and the intelligent.

  7. Paul, you are correct about Brenda's humerous quip. However, there are many scientists, that are part of the remnant of God. Lumping them all into one group and then calling them all wrong is a tactic of thee deciever, not of Yah, your true Father, in Heaven. Romans 1 tells us that God has shown himself, to all, within nature, also. We must first look to God's word, and then to nature. It is Gods way, which is scriptural.

  8. Yes Keith, God made Himself known in that which He has created to the scientists, but to us He made Himself known in Jesus Christ who is the FATHER of all creation and the Father of His children.
    It is this God, our Father who appeared in a body Jesus Christ our Lord and God (1 Tim. 3:16).

  9. Wow, Paul! You are so close to the truth, with your comment. You must like playing horseshoes, where you get points, by being close. As far as 1 Tim 3:16 goes, it doesn't say that "God, our Father who appeared in a body Jesus Christ our Lord and God."

    "And this Mystery of Righteousness is truly great, which was revealed in the flesh, justified by the Spirit; made known to messengers and preached among the Gentiles; trusted by the world; received as Godliness."

  10. Keith, 1 Tim. 3:16 doesn't need to say "God the Father", for it says that to US is but ONE God and that is the Father (1 Cor. 8:6).

    Keith, apart from the Father is NO other God, and that God who is the Father appeared in a body (1 Tim. 3:16) which is Jesus Christ our Lord and God.

  11. Paul, You said."apart from the Father is NO other God, and that God who is the Father appeared in a body (1 Tim. 3:16)"

    The scriptures agree that there is no god, other than God, our Father. However, it is you that believe in more than the Father. You constantly make Jesus into the Father, when in reality, it is the Spirit of God, that dwells within Y'shua.

    As for 1 Tim 3:16, it doesn't say that God manifested, in the flesh. Read it again.

    "And this Mystery of Righteousness is truly great, which was revealed in the flesh, justified by the Spirit; made known to messengers and preached among the Gentiles; trusted by the world; received as Godliness."

    It doesn't say anything about God appearing in the flesh.

    However, it does say that the Word of God was fulfilled in a man, in John 1:14. The Word of God dwelled within Y'shua, by the Spirit of God. This one man was the only one of his kind. That's what the scriptures say.

    Getting back to 1 Tim 3:16, it is clearly talking about the Mystery of Righteousness. The Mystery, being salvation through a righteous man, the only man of his kind, was justified(made righteous), by the indwelling of God's Spirit. This Mystery (salvation through this righteous man) was given to the remnant (his messengers) to preach among the gentiles. When those, who would trust in this Mystery (salvation), received the gift of godliness, in the form of the Spirit of God.

    Did you know that there are only a handful of English Translations of the scriptures, including your erroneous King James, that continues to read the way you are reading it? That's because the translators recognize the earlier scriptures, while the King James continue to hold on to the idolatrous interpretation.

    If you read the Bible as a whole, you find that there is only one God, Yah, and only one Son, the only one of his kind, Y'shua, which means Yah Saves, a fulfillment of Isaiah 9:6.

  12. Knowledge is expanding, too, as Daniel prophesied. Thanks for this interesting info.

  13. Hi Karen, Yes it is! Isn't it amazing how our knowledge of everything is expanding so exponentially? Yet, our knowledge level of everything out there, is still around 5%.

  14. Once again, scripture is proven true

  15. Yes, Indeed, Ken, Yes, Indeed.

  16. Yes Keith, 1 Tim. 3:16 does say that God was manifested in the flesh.

    Every Christian knows that Jesus is 'God in flesh the incarnate deity'.

    You can use other statements like, 'Immanuel' which means God with us, that is Jesus Christ came in the flesh.
    And if you do NOT say that or agree with that, then you are speaking by the spirit of antichrist (2 John 1:5).

    (1 Tim.3:16 KJV) "And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the FLESH, justified in the Spirit seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory."

    That is speaking about JESUS who is the Christ, God with us. It is Jesus Christ who is a mystery to those who don't believe in Him, but to us who believe in Him He is NO mystery, because the mystery namely Christ has been revealed to us who believe (Col. 1:26 + 2:2) and to me it has been made known by revelation (Eph. 3:3).

    The mystery is NOT salvation through a righteous man.
    There is is NOT ONE man who is righteous, NO not even ONE. ALL man have sinned ! Only God alone is righteous, and that is Jesus Christ.

    Keith, which denomination taught you those doctrinal perversions ? And who are those who led you away from the Bible ?

  17. God the Spirit did come in the flesh, and that flesh was Jesus Christ (Christ means 'anointed One of God'.) Jesus was to reflect the invisible God to mankind.
    Hebrews ch. 5 vs. 7-9 speaks of the obedience of Jesus to the Father:-

    'During the days of Jesus’ earthly life, He offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the One who could save Him from death, and He was heard because of His reverence. Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from what He suffered, and having been 'made perfect', He became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey Him…

    He was made perfect by God.
    Thank God for Jesus, Whom God made our Lord

  18. Well Brenda, do you think that the saviour of mankind needed ALSO a saviour ?

    When a person is in darkness, that person really is in deep darkness and only GOD can save them out of darkness.

  19. That is right Paul,
    only God can save all of us out of darkness, through belief in Jesus - the only begotten Son of God, the first of many brethren. All scriptural.

  20. Yes Brenda, it would be good if you would believe in Jesus.

    But as it is you believe in another called Yahweh, and that is called unfaithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  21. God is Spirit Paul,
    and can be omnipresent. If Jesus is the first of many brethren, a Son of God, then all of us can be children of God (being born of God's Spirit) and have the same Father.

    Regarding the word Lord, Paul, I think you have disregarded what the scriptures say - as referred to in my previous comment to Keith.
    'I love the way the scriptures join together as in God making Jesus our Lord (to be a mediator), and where David says 'The LORD said to my Lord'.(Psalm 110). It clearly talks about two'

  22. Paul, God has use me to show you the truth. Whether or not you choose to walk into the light or stay in the darkness is your choice. Bottom line: 1Tim 3:16 doesn't say what you are saying. You way doesn't even flow with the rest of the chapter, but you know that.

    As for Jesus channeling through you and revealing things directly to or through you is another non-scriptural thing. God and Y'shua, Jesus doesn't work that way. I have always thought that a demon has been influencing you, especially based on your loyalty and reverence towards man's doctrine and translation, rather than adherence to the scriptures.

  23. Amen, to what you have said, Brenda! Once again, the scriptures are quite clear. They do not need to have something read into them, that is not there.