Friday, February 3, 2017

Are The Apocryphal Books Part Of God's Word?

Did you know that the Apocryphal Books were originally part of the King James Bible?

As a matter of fact, they were a part of the KJV for 274 years, until being removed in 1885 A.D. Also, they were part of the Jewish Tanakh, The Old Testament, during the time of Y'shua, Jesus, but disappeared from the Jewish Bible, the Masoretic Text, between the 7th and 10th century AD. If you research it, you'll find that not only did Y'shua and his disciples quote it, so did the early church. So, why did it disappear from the Masoretic Text and eventually the Christian Bible?

Well, the reason, for Apocryphal Books not being in the Masoretic Text, is that a very influential group of Jewish scribes took it on the themselves, to remove a lot of Messianic references, from the scriptures. This was in response to the ever-growing movement of Christian on Jew violence and Jews accepting Y'shua, Jesus, as the true Messiah.

So in response to the Christian movement, within the Jewish communities, they slowly began removing Messianic references and prophesies, from the Scriptures, including whole books. This continued for approximately 400 years, until the Jewish leadership decided that there will be no more tampering with the Word of God. However, the damage had been done. Even though most Christians can quote over 300 prophesies, concerning the Messiah, there are a lot more. One, of the most amazing prophesies, can be found, within the Apocryphal Book of Wisdom?

Let us lie in wait for the righteous man,
because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions;
he reproaches us for sins against the law,
and accuses us of sins against our training.
He professes to have knowledge of God,
and calls himself the Son of God.

He became to us a reproof of our thoughts;
the very sight of him is a burden to us,
because his manner of life is unlike that of others,
and his ways are strange.
We are considered by him as something base,
and he avoids our ways as unclean;
he calls the last end of the righteous happy,
and boasts that God is his father.

Let us see if his words are true,
and let us test what will happen at the end of his life;
for if the righteous man is God’s son, he will help him,
and will deliver him from the hand of his adversaries.
Let us test him with insult and torture,
that we may find out how gentle he is,
and make trial of his forbearance.
Let us condemn him to a shameful death,
for, according to what he says, he will be protected.

However, that's not the end of the story. Remember, the Apocryphal Books were also part of the original King James Bible. So, why, after 274 years did they disappear, from the King James? Well, honestly, nothing less diabolical, than what the Masoretic Jews did. Evangelical Christian Scholars decided that there wasn't enough difference between the Evangelical and Catholic faiths. Therefore, they removed it and called them non-canonical.

Isn't it sad when man changes the Word of God, based on man-made doctrines, hatred towards other Christians and downright Pride? Sounds like Satan is alive and well, on planet Earth. Lord, is it time to come home, yet? Shame on those who change the Word of God, to fit their ideas, and Shame on those who perpetuate the lies.

...and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith, are you saying that the Lord of Lords is not capable to keep His Word written in a book ?

    And the Jews are NO authority over the Word of God.
    The Word of God came first to the Jews, but the Jews did not believe it anyway to this very day.
    But now the Word of God is for everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. No. I did not say that he is not capable of keeping his word written in the bible.

    Paul, if you don't recognize the fact that man hasn't tried to change the bible, then you are being very naïve.

  3. Hi Keith,
    years ago I used to be brought to read much of the Apocrypha, I believe that I was led to do it as it spoke to me many times with good instruction.
    I feel led to read more of what it has to say. There is a time for everything isn't there?

  4. Hi Brenda, I believe that it's all the Word of God. Unfortunately, they are some that feel the need to toss out or rewrite the scriptures because it doesn't fit their way of thinking.

  5. Keith, it seems to me that is exactly what you are doing, you are tossing out of the Bible the things which does not fit your doctrines

  6. Hey Paul. We accept and follow the original scriptures, only, as the final authority. We just don't believe in the 'pick and choose, change anything you want' method of the Kings James and other English Bibles.

  7. Well, I think that is what you are doing Keith, pick and choose.

  8. Interesting comment, Paul, since you're the one trying to keep God in a box. Prove your point. God has shown you, through us, many times where your doctrine didn't exist before ~1300 AD. Many times, He has shown you, through us, that it is your book, that has additions and deletions. We have shown you many times that your doctrine is not scriptural it is not the doctrine that the true children Of God teach and has preached from the beginning. And yet, you are still stiff-necked and able to stand there and proclaim an unbiblical belief. Utterly amazing.

  9. Well Keith, my doctrines do NOT come from a book, all dough, they are written in the Bible.
    But as I have said many times before that it is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who has taught me His doctrines, the same doctrines as He has taught all of His disciples.

  10. Oops ! Nearly forget, the children of God are those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    And those who believe in a god called Yahweh are the children of another god called Yahweh.

  11. No, my friend, your doctrines are not from God or even Y'shua, or Jesus. They are not scriptural. They are not true. Maybe they're a result of a bad burrito that you ate. I don't know, but Jesus did not personally teach you and you know that.

  12. The children of God are brethren of Jesus Paul.

    Hebrews ch. 2 vs. 10 and 11 say quite clearly:-

    ' In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that God, for Whom and through Whom everything exists, should make the PIONEER of their salvation perfect through what He suffered. Both the One who makes people holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters.

    A PIONEER, Paul, is a person who is one of the first people to do something:

    Jesus was the first of many brethren, the first born from the dead.

  13. Brenda, what does that mean, "The children of God are brethren of Jesus Paul." ?

    Do you mean that they have the same Father as the Lord Jesus had ?

    According to the flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ has the same Father as all the brethren, but that is NOT so according to the Spirit.
    According to the Spirit, JESUS is our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ IS the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:17).

    Brenda, your problem is, that you don't believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Spirit who clothed Himself with flesh and made His abode with us (Immanuel) God with us.

  14. Paul, you said, "According to the flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ has the same Father as all the brethren, but that is NOT so according to the Spirit."

    No, my friend, but it is according to scripture. Doesn't it bother you, at all, that every time your doctrine runs into the brick wall, called the truth, you have to throw up a metaphorical or spiritual and unscriptural defense. Man, I'm sorry. You are in so deep, you feel that you have to lie, to get out. Please, for the sake of your soul, turn to God's Truth, not man's make believe, which is Satan under cover.

  15. Brenda, I thought that you would appreciate this version, which is really close to a word for word translation, for Hebrews 2:10-12. I especially like the common origin reference.

    For in bringing many sons to glory, it was only fitting that God, the Creator and Preserver of everything, should bring the Initiator of their deliverance to the goal through sufferings. For both Yeshua, who sets people apart for God, and the ones being set apart have a common origin. This is why he is not ashamed to call them brothers, when he says, "I will proclaim your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise."

  16. No Paul,
    It was the Spirit within Jesus Who is the Father, that is why Jesus said 'The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life.'
    Do not forget that Jesus was the 'mediator' between man and God.

    Yes, when we are born of the Spirit, just like Jesus was, then we do have the same Father. That is why Jesus is called the first of many brethren.

  17. Hi Keith,
    that is a lovely version of Hebrews ch. 2 v. 10 - 12.
    It is quite similar to the version that I quoted, one of the differences being that in the one I quoted it says 'brothers and sisters'. It is probably because we are told that there is no male nor female in Christ that is put that way.

  18. Hi Brenda. Brothers and sisters do appear to be more inclusive. However, sisters is not in the original text. Sons reflect the equivalent of the Hebrew, within theTanakh, where it says B'nai Elohim, which is directly translated as the Sons of God, but implies direct creations, rather than gender.

  19. Hi Keith,
    that does really go together with there being no male nor female in Christ. What does the original text of Galatians ch. 3 v. 28 say?

    'There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.'

  20. Hi Brenda, That is one verse that is correct, in most English Bibles. Word for Word, it says,

    Amongst neither Jew, nor Gentile, neither slave, nor freeborn, are male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  21. Brenda, you don't believe that the Spirit within Jesus is the Father, you are only saying that as a cliché.

    You believe that the Father is another person called Yahweh and he sent Jesus into this world.
    In fact, you don't even believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:17), and neither do you believe that Jesus and the Father are one and the same person Jesus Christ our Lord and only God.
    And you think that the Lord Jesus was DEAD in the spirit and needed to be born again just like you.
    In that you do greatly err, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God.

  22. Paul I believe all that scripture says about Jesus and the words that Jesus speaks.
    It is just like a jigsaw puzzle.
    You have to put all the pieces together to see the whole picture.

    Regarding whether Jesus was 'dead in the spirit' as you put it.
    No Jesus was born of God's Spirit, the part that had to be put to death was the flesh.

    He was the lamb of God, the sacrificial lamb, and even though He feared that death that He had to face He said to God 'Never the less not MY WILL but YOUR WILL be done, as quoted in Luke ch. 22 v. 42:-

    'Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.'

    Praise His lovely name.

  23. Hey Brenda, Isaiah 28:10 comes to mind.

    "Can no one be taught anything?
    Can no one understand the message?
    Must one teach barely weaned toddlers,
    babies just taken from the breast,
    so that one has to use nursery rhymes?

    Tzav la-tzav, tzav la-tzav,
    kav la-kav, kav la-kav
    z‘eir sham, z‘eir sham
    Precept by precept, precept by precept,
    line by line, line by line,
    a little here, a little there."

    With no insult intended, towards Paul, but God intended it to be that way. The Bible is a integrated message system, that has supernatural fingerprints, all over it.

    As Y'shua said, we must be willing to come and be willing to submit ourselves as children, to fully understand. As you said, "... like a jigsaw puzzle." Paul, hasn't allow himself to go to Y'shua, as a child and be taught. He goes to the throne with a "I'm at the head of the class...I already know it all" attitude. That's how seeds of deception sneak in and take root.

    1. I agree here Keith with all you have said and I also believe that the Bible is an integrated message system. It is a vocabulary, not a book. I absolutely love the way God speaks to His children through that Word.

    2. One of the times, that I hold, most dear, is the day that I realized that the Bible is a love letter, written in blood, the blood of Y'shua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ, to you and me.