Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Basic Building Block Of Supernatural Communication

Did you know that the best way for an extra dimensional being to describe himself, to a lesser dimensional being, is to unravel his dimensions, into a single dimensional representation?

Wow! You’re probably saying, “That’s a mouthful!”

I agree, however, instead of me going through the long boring explanation, let’s read how a Physics professor, with no godly background or bias, explain it.

The professor, standing, in front of his podium, began his lecture, by stating, “For a multidimensional being, to begin communicating, to a less dimensional being, he would have to start with the basic building blocks, of communication.”

He looks around the class and asks, “What is the most basic figure, that everyone knows how to draw?”

The majority of the class responded, “A square or box.”

“Exactly!”, the professor gleefully and proudly affirmed his students response.

“Now, let’s take a three dimensional box and break it down, into a two dimensional representation of our three dimensional reality.”

When the professor, finished and stepped back from the chalkboard, the class responded with a mixture of smiles, mild amusement and wide eyed astonishment. A few actually laughed out loud.

The professor looked at the drawing and then at the class and said, “What? .... What’s so funny?”

One of the students said, “You’re telling me that a being, far more advanced than us, would begin to communicate, with us, by sending that drawing, to us?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Responded the professor.

The student smiled and said, “I think he already has.”

The class erupted in laughter.

The professor looked at the drawing and then, at the class, and quipped, “I don’t get it.”

"For the message of the Cross is foolishness,
to those, who are perishing,
but to us, who are the saved,
it is the Power of God.."

In order to communicate with an extra dimensional God, you must acknowledge the basic building block of communication.

Below is the picture, that the professor drew that day.

…and that’s what you’ll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith, yes that is more than a mouthful :-o
    A worldly man knows nothing about God.

  2. Hi Keith,
    'Did you know that the best way for an extra dimensional being to describe himself, to a lesser dimensional being, is to unravel his dimensions, into a single dimensional representation?'

    What a beautiful way (together with the picture of the three dimensional box opening up to the shape of the cross) to explain John 1, 14

    'And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.'

  3. Hi David, I agree, but can you honestly put human and wisdom in the same sentence? :-) LOL

  4. Paul, That's shame, because what the world needs most is God. That we can agree.

  5. Hi Brenda, We looked for God, in the greatest of things, but sometimes forget that his love can be found, even in the simple things, in life.

  6. Hi Keith,
    I think I can say that I looked for God in the saddest of things (my life experiences). The lovely thing is that God knows the way we take, every day of our lives is written in His book before even one of them was formed, and although no man can come to God except through Jesus - no man can come to Jesus except He is called by God.

    God's ways and love for us are absolutely amazing.

  7. Well Keith, which God does the world need ?
    The world does not want God, they want a god of their own making and blaspheme His one and only Name Jesus.

  8. Hi Brenda, I know I don't got to tell you that God allows only the strong in faith to go through bad and sad experiences. Praise God that all people are called. Praise him more since when everyone that receives and trust in the Holy Gift of Salvation, through the Messiah, Y'hsua. B'ruch Attah Adonai, Yah Ehyeh Melech Ha Shamayim Ha Erets.

    Blessed Are You Lord, God, Ruler of the Universe and of the Earth.

    1. Amen Keith,
      I think you shall have to set up a blog giving lessons in the Hebrew language :-)

  9. Paul, I agree. However, both the name of Yahweh and Y'shua is blasphemed, on a regular basis, in this ungodly world.

  10. This is cool. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well my friend, I have never heard anyone blaspheming the name 'Yahweh'.
    That name is not even written in the Bible.
    All day long they blaspheme the Name of God 'JESUS' who is the Christ (Isa.52:5). Just turn on the TV and you can hear whom they blaspheme.

  12. Paul, you just need to get out more. :-)