Monday, August 29, 2016

God, You Continually Amaze Me With Your Word!

Did you know that there was a secondary message, on the sign, at the top, of the cross of Y'shua, Jesus? All words have their meeting. Unfortunately, this generation has forgotten the meaning of words. However, The root meaning of the words, "Y'Shua Jesus, of Nazareth, King of the Jews." is as follows.

Y'Shua, Jesus means 'Yahweh Saves'

Nazareth means 'By way of offspring, sprout, Life continues indefinitely or everlasting.'

King means 'Kingly or belonging to the King.'

Jews means 'Praises'

The secondary message from God, to you, says:

Yahweh Saves! Everlasting Life, through his Son. Praises belong to the King!

Nestled, within the meaning, of the words, that God chose thousands of years ago, is an underlying message that God still loves you and has made provision for you, with everlasting life, through his son, Y'Shua, Jesus.

After all these years of studying the Bible, it's still amazes me that God still amazes me, with his Word.

And that's what you'll find... When You Search For The Truth.

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  1. Hi Keith,
    I too am amazed by the hidden messages that are in the Word of God. I have always noticed that a Hebrew name usually reflects the personality of a person, or what that person is called to do.
    I am so glad that I can come over to your posts and learn the meaning of many things that are written. I find these things very interesting, and I have always loved discussions on the Bible.