Friday, January 29, 2016

13th Century Jewish Scholar 1st to Discover String Theory

Did you know that Maimonides,  a Jewish Medieval Scholar, was ridiculed by the atheistic and secular society, in the 13th century, when he wrote,   “From the Torah (The 1st five books of the Bible), I have concluded, that we live in a 10 dimensional universe,  4 spatial and knowable dimensions, and 6 unknowable dimensions”? Low and behold, during the 1900’s, modern physicists came up with the String Theory, which states, “ The universe exists of 3 + 1 spatial dimensions with one being time, making up Space-Time, which is easily perceivable. There are also six additional spatial dimensions that can only be reconciled by indirect means….”. With increasing frequency,  we are still being told that the Bible is a quaint, archaic book, full of errors and fairy tales. Yet, it has scooped the scientific world again and again, throughout the years.  Finally, whatever their motivation, atheists continue to put out disinformation about the Bible and the evidence that supports the existence of God.

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