Monday, January 20, 2014

Now That's a Faith Greater Than Mine!

I believe in God because he has revealed himself to all who are faithfully looking for him. I faithfully believe that there is evidence of God throughout the universe. However, in the known universe, I freely attest that there is absolutely nothing that proves beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is a God. However, I and many others, by faith, attest that there is a God.

A believer will tell you that it is strictly by faith that we come to the decision to believe in God by looking at pointers. Things that have no real explanation by itself but accumulatively point to an intelligent designer. We call him God. I freely admit that I do not have tangible proof and am running on faith alone.

With that said, there is a greater faith than mine and that is of those who freely decide that there is no God. They look at the same evidence and decide that there is nothing to our God. As a matter of fact, many do call God, "nothingness". They ask us how we could come to our conclusions with no real proof. They call it a blind faith.

The pointers I mentioned earlier are based on the belief that everything in the universe, known and unknown, the something and the nothing, points to something greater than man. I can show you how everything and the nothing points to something beyond our understanding. However, when those who do not believe make their decision on the known universe, it is a small sampling of the known universe.

Present scientific consensus states that only 5% of the universe is knowable matter. The other 95% is nothingness, Dark Energy or Dark Matter with little or no understanding what Dark Matter or Dark Energy or nothingness actually is. Based on that 5%, non believers freely decide and proudly proclaim that there is absolutely no God and are willing to risk their immortal souls on it. A decision based on a 5% sampling rate……

That my friends is a Faith greater than mine.

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