Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You Washed In The Blood or Just In The Water?

Are you washed in the blood or just in the water?

Was the water dirty after the baptism?

Do you worship him, to him or about him?

If you have to ask, we need to talk

Do you serve him or serve because of him?

Are you open to the Spirit or just spirited?

These are just a few humorous sayings begging the question,

Are you coming over or just straddling the fence?

Many of us have one foot in the church and one foot in the world. Where do you stand? When you go before the throne, what side will you be standing?

We need to ask these questions on a daily basis.


Wash Me Clean In the Muddy Water


  1. Do you worship him, to him or about him?

    I like this phrase and is one that I need to be constantly aware of. I can be comfortable in knowing about God and agreeing with Him but I need a relationship with Him.

    blessing bro.

  2. Da Pilgrim,

    After not teaching from the scriptures, I think the next biggest problem is that the worship time during church has become a showy rock concert rather than a group of worship leaders fascilitating true personel worship.

    By the way, I'm glad you, Esther and Simeon weren't anywhere near or affected by the earthquake.

    Is Simeon walking yet?

    Also, just found out that I'm going to be a grandpa again.

    God Bless You My Brother

  3. haha i just found out im going to be a dad again! Oh and i also just found out i have to take care of my father in law, he is getting up there in age.
    God love em

  4. Yeah, we are all safe from the earthquake. We live up in northland where there is no fault line.

    LOL sweet, congrads Keith and BC! More for the family of God.

    Simeon isn't walking yet, he is only 6 weeks old : ) I can't wait though. He is starting to look like a little boy now and not a new born. I should put some pics up on my blog soon.

    When I referenced worship I was meaning living life as worship to God. Everything we do even with our hands is worship to God is the way I see it.

    About worship in music, I can quite agree. Though I believe that this particular area can be very relative to the cultures people come from. Like reggae or Indian music... I don't see why the people who are use to that music cannot use it to glorify God.

    Take care

  5. Hey Dan,

    "Like reggae or Indian music... I don't see why the people who are use to that music cannot use it to glorify God. "

    I totally agree. However, the operative word I used was "concert". A lot of worship teams are in for the show not the worship, actually dictating to each other how they stand and act while in front of the congregation.

    BTW...I was only joking about Simeon walking. I guess the written word doesn't convey properly the sentiment. I would love to see the pictures. I'm hoping and praying he looks like his mom, not his dad. :-) LOL LOL LOL

    Your Brother

  6. ROFLOL!

    I think you will be disappointed !