Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pesach Part Three

Prior to Pesach, we are to search out and clean our houses of all leaven. During the searching part, we are to use a candle as our only light. When leaven is found, a feather is used to brush it onto a wooden spoon and placed into a cloth bag. This is done three times or on three consecutive days.

On the morning of the third day, the leaven, bag, feather and wooden spoon is set on fire and consumed completely by the fire. The father is to look to heaven and says, "Heaven Father and my G-d, the purging of leaven from our home is finished. Our home is now ready for your presence."

The symbolism here is so fantastic.

The candle that shines light upon the sin in our lives is symbolic of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, G-ds Holy Spirit.

The feather represents the faithfulness of Y'shua to place himself upon the altar of G-d, the cross, which is represented by the wooden spoon.

The leaven is symbolic of our Meshiach, the Messiah, Y'shua, Jesus Christ who was made sin for us.

The bag respresents the burial cave of the Messiah.

The fire is symbolic of G-ds judgement of our sin on the cross.

Let's step back and look at the ceremony another time.

The candle, G-ds Holy Spirit, convicts us and reveals, the leaven, our sin to us. The feather, which is our faith, and the faithfulness of Y'shua that puts our sin up on the altar of G-d, the cross, the spoon. Our sin upon Y'shua was put into the grave, the bag, for three days. At that time, our sin is judged, symbolized by the fire. It is the three days that sets this apart from all other religions in the world. Because after three days, the Messiah rises from the grave, leaving our sin judged. We are now free to say to the father, "We, our tabernacles, are now ready for the presence of G-d, his Holy Spirit."

Here in the opening ceremony of Pesach, Passover, we have a model of the main elements of G-ds redemptive plan.

My prayer is that our Jewish brothers and sisters eyes will be open to the model of G-ds plan of salvation, given to us to celebrate every year.


  1. That is so cool. Does the rest of Passover have the same kind of synbolism? If so, why don't the Jews see it?

  2. Loved the meaning of those symbols. I pray that G-d will answer your prayer. Blessings to you.