Friday, July 29, 2016

YHWH Is My Name. I Will Not Yeild My Glory To Another

Did you know that, even though gods name, YHWH, shows up 6519 times in the Bible, nobody knows how to properly enunciate it? YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, YAHEHVEH, are ways that people have enunciated it, over the years. However, A new phonetic study has entered a more intriguing possibility. In the book of Exodus, God tells Moses that his name is I AM, which is pronounced Hehyeh or HehYah. The study went on to say that the Jews were so afraid to pronounce the name of God that they switched the name around. If you took HeyYaw and switched it around, you get YahHey or JahHeyYeh. Bottom line: Whether it is pronounced Yahweh or YahHey, JahHeyYeh, God knows the intent of your heart and has gave us the one and only way to him, the Word of God, his son, Y'shua.


  1. Amen,
    praise God for sending His Son, the anointed One, our Saviour.

  2. Yes my friend, you are right. The Jews were so afraid, perhaps confused, so that they invented any name for God they could think.

    Obviously YHWH is not a name, therefore they try to invent a name for God.
    And when He came to His own, His own received Him NOT, but as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become the sons of God.

  3. Fear here, as in 'afraid' Paul, means respect. I have great respect for God the Father, who communicated to His chosen people (Israel) through the prophets in the Old testament, and Who communicates to 'the Israel of God' spoken of in Galatians ch. 6 v. 16 (born again believers in Christ - the anointed One )in the New testament through His Son Jesus. Don't you Paul.

  4. How can you have respect of a god you don't know Brenda ?
    Anyone who does not have respect of the creator of heaven and earth Jesus Christ will respect the god of this world.

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  6. I have respect for Jesus Paul, Whom God, the Father has made my Lord. There is no point in continuing this discussion as you do not believe what is written in the scriptures, only what you choose to believe, and you appear to have very little understanding of those scriptures.
    I am convinced now that there will be no blood on my hands.

  7. Brenda,
    I think that you have chosen not to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Father as He has said in John 10:30 and John 14:9 and Isa. 9:6 etc.

  8. Keith, you said, 'YHWH is My Name. I will Not Yield My Glory To Another'.

    In John 12:41, Isaiah saw the Glory of the the Lord Jesus Christ and he spoke.

    Please read John 17:5, Jesus said, 'with the glory which I had with You before the world was.'

  9. Paul,
    with the glory which Jesus had with WHO before the world was?

  10. No Brenda, there were NOT TWO gods who shared the glory with each other before the world was.
    Absolutely NO !

    John chapter 17 is the Lord God who spoke about Himself from the office of the last High Priest.

  11. Jesus Christ did not share His glory with another.
    Remember, it was before the world was.

    Therefore John 17:5 is metaphoric language.

  12. Paul,
    In the beginning, all things came into being, by the Word of God. When the Words of God are spoken, it is Truth and it is Glorified, because of it's source.

    During creation, when the Word of God was spoken, it became manifested, in the created things of this universe and this world.

    Before the world was, God knew and spoke the truth, that his creation would need a savior. God spoke andthe future savior was glorified. It does mean that Y'shua was physically there, during that time.

    John tries to set the stage for us, in John 1:1. In the beginning, was the Word of God, bringing all things into being. That's all. Don't be guilty of reading your doctrine into it. I will try to put it very simply. God Spoke, it came to be. When God Spoke and because it is the ultimate truth, it was inevitable, regardless if it happen that very moment or 10,000 years in the future. Unfortunately, you cannot comprehend that. John 1:5 talks about people, like you. You need to open your eyes.

    In John 1:14, the inevitable occurred. Salvation is manifested, in the man, Y'shua, Jesus, just as the Word of God proclaimed, in the beginning. Because God spoke of our salvation, before the beginning of time and space, it was inevitable, therefore glorified. The man Y'shua, Jesus, is a direct creation of God, in the same way, Adam was. The difference is that Y'shua, Jesus, was obedient, unto death and took the rightful place of the first Adam. Adam and Y'shua, Jesus were Sons of God, with direct lineage.

    Now read John 17 and you'll hopefully understand. Y'shua completed the work, that God gave him to do. The enivitable has occurred and the Glory of God, the Glory from the beginning, fell upon Y'shua, Jesus.

    If you would only take your denominational and doctrinal blinders off and start from the beginning, without bias, you have a chance to understand. If you don't, then you will remain a child of darkness, because you refuse to see the truth and understand. By the way, darkness here does not mean evil. No. It means you can't see the light, because of closed eyes. Those who have eyes, let them see what the Spirit says unto the Body of the Messiah.

  13. That is right Keith,
    I love what 1 Corinthians ch. 15 v. 47 says:-
    'The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven.'

  14. Hi Brenda,
    Of course we agree. I am a firm believer that if we follow the leading of the Spirit and follow the example of the Messiah, we will always be in agreement.