Wednesday, August 10, 2016

God Supports Slavery??????

Did you know that slavery, as most people view slavery, never appears in the Bible? Check it out, search for the truth yourself. Unfortunately, due to mistranslations, in most English Bibles, many people state, "God Supports Slavery.", as a reason for not believing? God DOES support bond servitude and prisoner of war bondage. Bond servant were those who were working off a debt and prisoners of war were war criminals, who could not be trusted in the general population. However, even in those situations, the Bible supports the ethical treatment of those in servitude or bondage, in contrast to other religious books around the world. Finally, this argument misses the whole point, that bond servitude emulates our correct response, in our relationship toward God. In most cases, Biblical bond servants pledged the rest of their lives to their masters, upon paying their debt. Since God paid our debt for our sins, we should pledge our lives, as bond servants, to him.

... and that's what you'll find, when you search for the truth.


  1. Hi Keith,
    I thought that a bond slave is a slave who has gained his freedom, but after was willing to work for his master as a free person for a wage.

  2. Hi Paul,
    The term bondservant applies to anyone that is bound to another, either legally or voluntarily, because of a previous, present or future debt owed. The difference is that the term, Freeman, is also applied, to those who voluntarily bind themselves, to a master, in order to fall under his protection and care. We are Freeman, but we voluntarily bind ourselves to the Messiah, as bond servants.