Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Y'shua Did Not Die Because Of Our Sins

Did you know that Y'shua, Jesus, did not die, because of our sins? Forensic evidence reveals that the blood vessels, within his heart, burst, which was evident in the flowing of blood and water, when his side was pierced with the spear. Bottom line: He did not die because of our sins, he literally died of a Broken Heart, while dying for our sins.


  1. Hi Keith,
    It does seem right doesn't it that, because Jesus was made in the likeness of men that He would experience a death familiar to mankind, and that it would all fit in with the love that God has for the world.
    I am also brought to thinking of, (as the life being in the blood, and the water representing the Word), how the world can receive eternal life in Christ - being taught by the Word, as a result of His crucifixion.

    1. Yes Ma'am. All according to scripture.