Friday, July 15, 2016

Satan's Basic Strategy

Did you know that atheist and other unbelievers claim that there are things in our Bible, that are not in the original or earliest biblical manuscripts, thereby making it unreliable and false? Well, the first part is true. There are verses, within our Bible, that are not in the original or earliest manuscripts, i.e.: Mark 16:9-20. However, does that make the whole thing false and unreliable? Absolutely not! It just makes the added things unreliable. But, isn't that how Satan works? He takes a little truth, adds to lie, then calls the whole thing a lie. Kind of reminds you how the liberal media works. Search out and grasp the truth! Then, throw the rest out, where it belongs, in the garbage.


  1. Absolutely correct Keith,
    I was only saying to my husband the other day that something that was on the news about what a person had said was not truly described, as I had seen the whole commentary of what the man had said and it had been twisted by the television media.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      If you look at who owns the media or has a large interest, you will find some very interesting parties.

  2. Keith, what would an atheist know about the the Bible (the Word of God) ?

    Well my friend, Mark 16:9 -20 is there, yes it is there in the Bible, in the English Bible, just read it and then believe it.
    Do you want me to quote it ?

    Only the ignorant who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ try to erase it and claim that it is not there, and so to malign the Word of God.
    They think that it gives them a valid reason to render the Word of God as untrue and inaccurate and then to introducing another source of writings.

    Yes I agree with you, believe everything in the Bible and throw the rest in the garbage and don't forget to also throw out that false god called Yahweh.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Revelation Deut. 4:2 and Rev. 22:19 gives clear warnings not to add or take away from God's Word. If God is warning us, do you not think it is possible to add or take away from God's Word? You are correct that only the ignorant would think otherwise. My friend, Satan is alive and well on this planet and you would do well to recognize his methods. If you are thinking otherwise, you are falling for his deception.

  3. Yes my friend, the devil always uses the same old tricks, and we are not ignorant of his devises (2 Corinthians 2:11). If you know the truth it is impossible to fall for Satan's deception.

    As I have said many times before that I have been walking for 33 years very closely with my Lord and surely by now I ought to know everything concerning the true God and His Kingdom.

  4. Then we are in agreement that things can be added to or taken away from the Bible, as part of Satan's deception?