Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayer, Praise and Worship. Part Three

Praise and Worship

Praise and worship is simply lifting up your love and adoration to God while acknowledging his deity and position and submitting yourself wholly unto him.

To praise G-d, we must proclaim his beauty, holiness, righteousness, etc. This can come in the form of singing and / or spoken word or living holy.

Our stature should be subservient in his presence. Kneeling, holy hands lifted high, sprawled out on the ground, etc. We can even dance for his pleasure in celebration of his glory. We can praise G-d by living out his love to others. Praise and worship is giving everything unto G-d

Once again, like prayer, it needs to flow from your heart and soul. It should be your words, your actions, not someone elses. G-d rejoices when you praise him from the heart.

You don't need someone else and you don't need a band. The best praise and worship that can be given unto G-d is when you let yourself be you.

By the way, if you want to read a good blog about Worship, please go here:

Be sure to read the comments. They are really good. They include comments from a Messianic Jewish Rabbi that goes by the name of Sh'ma Y'srael Goyim. It is amazing the chills you'll get when reading all the comments in context. I must admit that his comments and the responses to him left me in tears. This shows that the body of Christ needs the men and women of G-d to stand up and fill the gap right now. I hope I didn't embarrass you Sh'ma.

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