Monday, September 7, 2009

G-ds Creation Reveals the Absurdity of Evolution

As my two week vacation is winding down, I’ve had a chance to sit down and evaluate some observations. Last week, while I was in Sequoia National Park, one of the rangers made a comment that I have heard before but never ran it to its logical conclusion. He indicated that a fire is required to release the seeds of certain pine cones. He went on to say that the pine cone had evolved to this point in order to prevent the animals from eating the seeds, thereby allowing the tree to propagate.


Come on……What kind of an idiot does Satan think we are?

First of all, I have to interject a premise of evolution for clarification. There is a thing called adaptation. This is where evolutionists believe that a species will evolve or adapt to their environment.

So what you are saying is:

1. The Sequoia tree began its life.
2. Animals decided to eat the Sequoia seeds.
3. The Sequoia decides to create a cone that only the heat from a fire can release in order to prevent the animals from eating the seeds.

Alright I’ll give the possibility of the adaptation part. However, the Sequoia lives for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, there is one Sequoia, I was able to touch that has been alive since before our savior walked upon this earth, 2300 years. Adaptation takes many lifetimes of a species in order to adapt to its environment. As with most species, there just isn’t enough time, even if we give the evolutionists the 15 billion years as the age of the universe.

Finally, notice that the ranger said, “The Sequoia Tree DECIDED….” When asked for clarification, he said that is what he meant. This is the most absurd part. Trees do not have any cognitive power. They simply respond to DIRECT stimuli. They don’t look down and see that an animal is eating its seeds and DECIDE to change it reproductive habits, especially one that requires a source such as fire to facilitate.

My favorite part is fire helping wood, which reveals that G-d has a sense of humor, but that's for another time.

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