Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Salvation By Works Says You And God Are Equals????

Did you know that many of todays Christian Denominations have deviated from the original Doctrine of God and actually fits the definition of a cult? One of these deviations is the belief that you must do works to gain salvation, while others believe that you are saved by Grace Alone. What does the Bible actually say about this?

Well, if you read the scriptures, in it's entirety, you'll find that you are saved by your Faith that God, through his Grace, supplied the ultimate s...acrifice, for our sins. Out of that Faith, works manifest. You do works, as a result of your Faith in God's Grace, not the other way around. Works are evidence of your Faith in God's Grace.

So, why is the belief, in Salvation through Works, so dangerous? Because, it takes away what God did, for us, through Y'shua, Jesus, on the cross. It equates man's works with God's Works. It diminishes God's Grace. What is it about our psyche, that makes us think we can do what only God can do? Bottom line: If you can save yourself, through works, that means, that you can walk right up and sit on the throne, next to God and say, "See, there's two of us, now."

You see, God has reserved a Remnant, in every generation, for his own. Are you of the Remnant of God? How does your beliefs line up with God's Word? I challenge you to read the Bible, for yourself. Allow God to teach you his Truth, as promised in John 16:12-15 and always check what you are taught, with the Bible. Acts 17:11.

...and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith, Yes I have heard that salvation doctrine preached from many pulpits. It has a slight Calvinistic flavor, but not many fully understand the doctrine of salvation including the Calvinists.
    They say that a Man is saved only by grace alone, and that would be true, but only for the new birth.
    But the Scriptures say that you must do something in order for you to be saved.
    You must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and then you shall be saved, believe not and you shall be damned.
    Here you can see, that if you don't do anything, you cannot be saved.
    Why else would I preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ ?

  2. Hi Paul. I'm sure that you meant to imply the following, but I wanted to ensure my understanding of your comment. The new birth comes only by placing your faith or reliance on what God provided, through Y'shua, on the cross. Belief is nothing, without complete reliance or faith. Even the Demons believe.

  3. Amen, Keith, to what you have said here and your response to Paul's comment. It goes together with the scriptures I have just included in my last comment on Paul's blog.

    Isn't it wonderful that God so loved the world, and that Jesus was willing to say 'Not my will, but Your will be done' to the Father.

  4. Yes, Indeed, Brenda! Yes, Indeed. I want to show him that I love and have faith on him every moment, of the day. With every stupid thing I do, I am especially thankful for what he has done for me.

  5. Me too Keith, and I also love the fact that Paul is included, as well as us, in 'God so loved the world'. As did Jesus say to the Father 'Not my will, but Your will be done', so too I say this in my daily life.

  6. No Keith, that's not what I meant.
    The new birth is a free gift of God, it doesn't depend on what you do.
    If it depends on what you do, then it is called works, but the Scripture says that you are saved by grace, apart from works otherwise we would boast.

    You see, if you place your faith into whatever, then you are saved because you have done something, you have placed your faith into whatever, but for the new birth you can do nothing, it's a free gift of God lest you boast.

    For any other salvation it is required from you to do something like believe or have faith into whatever.

  7. Paul, are you saying that God chooses you to be saved, regardless of your faith. I'm sorry, my friend, that is not a scripturally based doctrine. You are a spousing the concept of predestination, which is not mentioned in the Bible. Also, if you think it out to its logical conclusion, predestination requires God to cause people to sin. That is not the God of the Bible, that is Allah, the deity of the Quran. Wow! I think I finally have you figured out. You serve Allah, not the God of the Bible. No wonder you are in contrast to what the scriptures say.

  8. Keith, because a man is dead in his sins and trespasses (spiritually), therefore he needs to be born again.
    And no dead person can believe for life from the dead, they do not even know that they are dead.
    Dead people can do NOTHING !

    A man who is in the loins of his father cannot be born by his will (physical), neither can a man be born the second time by his will (Spirit).
    The Scriptures made that clear.

  9. Hey Paul, before I can respond to that, you must expound on some of the scriptures that state what you are espousing. I know of no scriptures that say what you were saying. Hebrew 7, by the way, is talking about needing someone that is greater than the law. It does not support your false doctrine of predestination.