Monday, November 14, 2016

Another Nail Into The Coffin Of Evolution

Did you know that, in 2015, researchers from George Washington and Stony Brook universities presented fossil evidence, that proved that the human hand predated the ape hand? According to these researchers, their findings put the Ape to Human Evolutional Theory, in jeopardy. Now, I understand that these findings need to be verified and scrutinized, scientifically, before being embraced, by the scientific community. However, can someone tell me why we haven't seen this information, in the so-called unbiased press, especially when they WET THEIR PANTS, in anticipation, to print anything that appears to support evolution and their Anti-God Agenda? Remember, to use the Biblical Principle, "Receive the message, but check out the facts, before believing it."

... and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith, according to the Scriptures, the ape hand was created before the human hand.
    I believe the Scriptures and the Lord Jesus before the reports of some scientists who don't read the earliest reports from Scriptures.

  2. Hi Paul. In order to enter the facts into evidence, may I ask the first of three simple questions? According to Genesis 1:9-13, when were the herbs and plants, of the field, created?

  3. Yes, but the Lord created the animals first before He created Adam (Gen. 1:24) and after He made Adam (v. 27).
    Therefore the hand of the ape was first.

  4. Why did I even entertain a possibility that you would even answer a straight forward question? Therefore, I will answer it for you.

    In Genesis 1:9–13, it's states that the plants and herbs were created on the third day.

    In Genesis 1:24-31, it states that man and beast, which includes the ape, not Adam, were created, on the sixth day.

    In a special re-counting of a special creation, chapter two gives us a detailed creation of Adam, Eve and the garden.

    In order that you would not confuse Adam and Eve with the general man creation, which was created on the sixth day, he tells us that the garden was planted and Adam and Eve were placed into the garden, before the herbs and plants of the field (Genesis 2:5-7), which was early on the third day. Therefore , Adam and eve were created on the third day, the beast (apes) were created early on the six day and man were created late, in the day, on the six day.

    Getting back to the post and the recent fossil findings, we find that the fossil record proves the Bible was correct and traditional Christian beliefs are a but a simple misinterpretation of the text, once again.

  5. No Keith, Adam was not created on the third day.
    You need to carefully read the Scriptures, on the sixth 24 hour day God made the beasts first and after Adam and Eve, all on the same day (Gen. 24 – 31), and there was evening and there was morning, the SIXTH 24 hour day.

    Your dual man creation doctrine is not scriptural my friend.

    The fossil records cannot determine who came first when the beast and man was created on the same day, only the Scripture can and it is clear that the ape was made before the man.
    On the sixth day :-)

  6. Hi Paul, Your statement is based on your beliefs only, not on the facts, entered into evidence, nor scripture.

    I clearly showed you that the Adam, Eve, Garden of Eden creation account in chapter 2, occurred before the plants and herbs, which occurred on day 3 Please do not insult us by implying that scripture supports your beliefs. Those who can read the scriptures, for themselves, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can clearly see him the truth.

    Finally, if you look at the order that the Adam, Herbs and Trees, in chapter 2, were created and compare them to chapter 1, you'll find that that your creation belief do not match.

  7. I believe God and Jesus created mankind already formed from the earth in their own image on the sixth day (as in one day is as a thousand years with God). This was mankind of the flesh being born again of the Spirit, of which Jesus was the first born from the dead, the first born of all creation (He was not the first fleshly Adam formed from dust, He was the second Adam), the first of many brethren.
    There is a vast difference between Genesis chapter 2 and Genesis chapter 1.

  8. Hi Brenda, I agree with what you say in that, through Y'shua, The Word of God, The Son of God, all of creation, came to being, as long as we remember not to confuse Y'Shua, The Son of God, The Word of God, with the physical expression of God, Y'shua, The Son of Man, The Messiah. Same person, different realities and missions.

    Y'shua, The Word of God, The Son of God, was used to command creation into being. Y'shua, The Son of Man, The Messiah, was created in the womb, for the sole purpose of redemption and became the firstborn of the dead. Upon his resurrection, he became the sole heir of all creation, with the Son of God, The Word of God, eternally dwelling within him.

    As for this post, he was not the first Adam, who was created on the 3rd day. He was the second Adam, who was modeled by the first Adam, and became the true Son of Man/God, on the 3rd day, after his crucifixion. The chapter 2 creation account makes amazing sense, when you look at it as a model, of the Son of Man/God, Y'shua.

  9. Wow, brother.
    So then you don't believe the Scriptures, even though it says, that god created Adam and Eve on the sixth day, "And there was evening and there was morning the SIXTH day" (Gen. 1:31).

    Have you been writing your own bible ?

    Chapter two is a recount of chapter one, stating that the shrub had not yet sprouted when God made Adam and Eve on the sixth day.

    The Lord created the shrub (seed) and put it into the ground on the third day, but there was no rain till He made Adam and Eve on the sixth day.

  10. My friend, please read the Bible for yourself and you will find the truth. Quit rehashing old man made teachings and doctrines. All I can say to your refusal to read the Scriptures for yourself is Acts 17:11 my friend, Acts 17:11.

    Now, if you wish to go through it, point by point, with me and actually discuss it, like an adult, I am more than willing. I'll keep praying for you.

  11. Hi Keith,
    I have been so busy lately, having family over from Northern Ireland and my granddaughter's wedding today that I have not had time to concentrate on my blogs. I am very interested to read and understand what you believe regarding this subject and over the next few days will get back and explore it more with you if that is ok.
    God bless

  12. Well, it can't be more clear that Adam and Eve were created on the SIXTH day (Gen. 1:31).
    To say it any other way is a great deception and many are those who have fallen headlong into the error of man made doctrines.

  13. Hi Brenda, I hope you are enjoying your time, with the family. Please tell your granddaughter and her husband, congratulations and may a God bless their marriage. See you when you get back with us.

  14. Hi Paul, We both agree that man, male and female, was created on the sixth day. There is no argument. However, the question is, 'Does that include Adam and Eve?'. Even your English Bible gets it correct. It mentions man, not Adam, in Genesis 1. Then after the six day creation account is complete, God rests. In chapter two, he goes into detail about a special creation, Adam and Eve. We know that it's different, because he gives a time period different from the sixth day creation of man. He gives us a reference of before the herbs and plants. The herbs and plants were created, sometime during the third day. If you read chapter two, you can see that. Are we in agreement, so far?

  15. Keith, Gen.1:27 says 'God created HIM' (singular), referring to the first man Adam.
    'Male and female He created THEM' (plural), referring to the first male and female Adam and Eve, all that was on the sixth day.

    It's all there, you just need to believe it.

    After Adam and Eve, to them were born Cane and Abel, and that was 9 month later, and there were NO other creations or children in between.
    And the word 'man' refers to the first MALE, which is Adam and not other men.

  16. I believe the translation of Genesis ch. 1v. 27 is 'God created mankind in His image,

  17. No Brenda, which image would it be, the Negroids, the Caucasoid s, or the Mongoloids ?

  18. Well, Paul, I hate to burst your man-made doctrine bubble, but the word, 'HIM' isn't in Genesis 1:27. As a matter of fact, the word "HE" isn't even in that verse.

    The verse actually says, "Elohim created man in his own image, in Elohim's image, male and female were created."

  19. Hi Brenda, I agree. That's exactly what the text says.

  20. Don't try to twist the Word of God my friend.
    The word Elohim is not in the Bible, it is a nonsensical word and it means absolutely nothing.

    Gen. 1:27 The Lord Jesus Christ created HIM, obviously, that HIM is HE 'Adam', one man and not a thousand men.
    And the Lord Jesus Christ created only Adam in His own image.
    Verse 27 b, 'male and female He created them'.

    Well my friend, you have a serious spiritual problem, and you need to repent from perverting the Scriptures and from unbelief.

  21. The word for 'man' in Genesis ch. 1 v. 27 is plural Paul.

  22. Hey Paul, As for perverting the scriptures, I'm not the one that adds things, to the Bible, that is not there.

    Now back to the subject of when man was created. If you investigate Genesis 2:7, for yourself, you will find that the Hebrew word, 'yatsar', translated as 'created', means, 'to form out of available materials'. This is exactly what God did, in Genesis 2:7. He formed Adam, out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul.

    Now, in contrast, Genesis 1:27 uses 'created' for the Hebrew word 'bara', which means, 'to create something out of nothing. You see, two different types of creation.

    Either there are two different creations going here or there is a conflicting error. I think we can both agree, that there are no errors in the Bible.

    In Genesis 1:27, God 'bara' Mankind, out of nothing, on the sixth day, while in Genesis 2:7, God 'Yatsar' Adam, out of the dust of the ground, on the third day, before the plants and herbs.

  23. Brenda, (Gen. 1:27) whether the word 'man' is plural or not makes no difference.

    The Lord created Adam before He made Eve and in that sense it is singular, and after He had made Eve, it s plural.

  24. No Keith, there is no conflict in the Scriptures, the conflict arises when you use other languages.
    If you are an English speaking person, then use the English Bible and debate the Scriptures in English.

    There are NOT two different types of creations, but only one creation in SIX days, and on the seventh day the Lord Jesus Christ rested from all His work.

    (Gen. 2:7) is not a separate creation, it is a more detailed explanation of Genesis 1:27.
    Genesis 1:27 does not mean 'out of nothing', when it clearly states that the Lord formed Adam out of mud and Eve from Adams rib.

    Because of those foreign languages your doctrines have been derailed.

  25. It does make a difference Paul because Here it is talking about God and Jesus making mankind already formed into their image on the sixth day as in one thousand years is as one day with God.

  26. Hey Paul, I totally agree. You are 100% correct when you said,

    "There is no conflict in the Scriptures, the conflict arises when you use other languages."

    Exactly, you hit it right on the head. The Hebrew/Greek scriptures came first. Your erroneous English Bible came afterwards. You see, there is some truth in you.

    You are also, 100% correct, when you said,

    "Because of those foreign languages your doctrines have been derailed."

    Man, you are soooo correct!!! In our example, the English is the foreign language. Praise God! You are finally opening up to the Spirit of Truth. Come on home, my brother, God's Prodigal Son, the feast is being prepared.

  27. Getting back to the post, let's look at some problems, when adhering to your erroneous doctrine or belief system.

    Issue #1

    In Genesis 1:28, God told mankind to be fruitful and fill the earth.

    In Genesis 2:25-16, God put the man, Adam, in the Garden and told him to take care of it, not fill the earth.

    Issue 2

    In Genesis 1, herbs and plants were created on the third day, birds were created on the fifth day, animals and wild beast were created, just before mankind, on the sixth day.

    In Genesis 2, God created Adam, first, then planted the Garden of Eden, in the East, just before the herbs and plants, which were on the third day. God then created animals and birds, on the fifth day afterwards. Adam was created, before the animals and birds, which were created, on the fifth day, according to Genesis 1.

    You see my friend, the order isn't the same.