Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Darwin Even Agrees That Evolution Has Little Or No Evidence, To Support It.

Did you know that there was a short period of time, within the Cambrian Period, in which life bursted onto the scene? Scientists have a name for it, the Cambrian Explosion. Within this time period, we see advanced levels of development, with no previous fossil record, to support the existence or evolution, of those lifeforms, prior to the Cambrian Explosion. We don't hear about this, in our classrooms, because it supports Creationism and can be used, to argued against Evolution. Even Darwin said the following, concerning that period, in our distant past.

"The Cambrian explosion has generated extensive scientific debate and is one of the main objections that could be made against the theory of evolution by natural selection. Interpretation is difficult due to a limited supply of evidence."

"... a limited supply of evidence."??? His words, not mine. However, the scientific world, and the compliant media, continue to ram evolution down our throats, as a "scientific and logical explanation to the origin of our species."

If you look at the facts, there is far more evidence to support God creating the universe and everything in it, than there is to support Evolution, even Darwin agrees....and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Nice to know that Darwin was open minded. If we all came from apes then why are there apes still around. Why aren't they all human beings.:-).

  2. Hi Brenda. Yes, unlike evolutionist of today. By the way, I think they've changed their point of view, on the ape to Man Theory. I think they are evolving. :-) LOL They now say that Man is a splinter group, off of apes. Ridiculous, no matter what you look at it .

  3. Hi Keith,
    'I think they are evolving.' I like the wit.
    I think the evolutionists need to look to the Bible for the only point of view that rings true.