Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Are You A Refection Of God's Multidimensional Love?

Did you know that the original Biblical text has four separate words, Agape, Phileo, Storge and Aeros, while our English bibles have only one word, Love? Why is this important? Well, so many of our societal dilemmas arise, out of our misunderstanding of God's multidimensional Love for us. The Bible even says,

" order that you may be fully able to comprehend, with all the saints, what [is] the breadth and length and depth and height; thereby, knowing the love of the Messiah which surpasses knowledge; and be filled with all the fullness of God.

As part of the Western Culture, most of us are afraid to tell someone, that we love them, because of this misunderstanding. Most of us think, "SEX", when we say, "Love". However, the Biblical representation of God's Multidimensional Love, not only reflect God's Love for Us, but how we should Love one another. This is reflected in how our marriage relationships should be conducted. That is why God's People fight for the Biblical Representation of Marriage.

Every day of our lives, we need to ask ourselves, do we

Agape our wife/husband? (be totally and unconditionally committed, willing to give our life for them, become spiritually one with each other)

Phileo our wife/husband? (be Friendly, constantly develop your friendship/relationship)

Storge our wife/husband? (treat them as family, protective and encouraging their growth)

Aeros our wife/husband? (Romantic and sexual commitment)

This is how God views Love and how God Loves Us. Have you ever wondered why so many marriages end up in divorce? It's because most we don't Agape, Phileo, Storge and Aeros each other. We just love, according to our own definition.

....and that's what you'll find, When You Search For The Truth.


  1. Hi Keith,
    I think it is appropriate to state again the definition of God's Love.

    1 John 4:8-16 = God is love !
    1 Co. 13:8 = Love never fails !
    If you believe that love has failed even once. If just one person is in hell who was loved by your god, then your god is not love.

    100% success rate that never fails is by definition LOVE.

  2. I appreciate your comment and the scriptures agree with your definition of Love. However, I have to restate that Love and Justice are two exclusive concepts. Love is providing a way for your salvation. Justice is what sends you to hell, when you reject the Love of God.

  3. Hi Keith,
    regarding the word 'love' you are right in what you say about the fullness of it's meaning and how many people have not that 'fullness' within them. It is very common over here now for the youngsters to say 'love you' as a 'cheerio' or 'see you later'.
    I love the way the Hebrew language is so deep in meaning. I am so glad that you share this on your posts. The Welsh language is similar in a way. It is an ancient language and one of the words that fascinates me is 'dysgu', pronounced 'dusgee'. It means to both lean and teach, which would not make sense to someone who only knows the English language, but to someone who is Welsh speaking it makes perfect sense when it is used in the right context.

  4. Sorry Keith,
    should have said 'learn' and 'teach' not 'lean' and 'teach'.

  5. Hi Brenda, It's funny, but I actually read "learn", where you put "lean". The Spirit knows. :-) I like your Welsh example, especially, because I tell everyone, that the best way to learn something is to teach it. From now on, Dysgu will have a special place, in my presentations. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tell me my friend, is there one person in hell whom God loves ?

    Would you banish your children to hell and then say that you love them ?

    Let's look the other way around, what kind of a Father are you to throw your children into hell and then say that you were punished for their transgression ?

    You who claim to love your children, and have the power to save them but are unwilling to save them from hell. What kind of love is that ?

    No my friend, you don't need find any excuses for the Lord, 100% love never fails (1 Cor. 13:8).

  7. Hi Paul, Once again, you are confusing concepts. Let's address them.

    There's a difference between the world and the B'nai Elohim (Children of God)


    There's a difference between God's committed Love and his Righteous Justice and resulting judgement.

    God Agapao the world. John 3:16 God is totally committed to the his creation, to the point that he has provided their perfect sacrifice, to atone for their sins. That sacrifice is his son, Y'shua.

    When the world accepts or receives that Love, they become B'nai Elohim (Children of God. John 1:12

    You see, there's a difference between the world and the Children of God.

    Therefore, to answer your question, " there one person in hell whom God loves."? At the present time, there is nobody, in Hell. That banishment comes later, after the judgement. However, 'Will there be people, whom God Agapao, in hell?' Yes, unfortunately, there's only a remnant of God, in every generation.

    Are there or will there be any Children of God, in hell? Absolutely not!!!!

    I would like to refer back to your reference of 1 Cor. 13:8.

    I may have the gift of prophecy,
    I may fathom all mysteries,
    Know all things,
    Have all faith,
    Enough to move mountains;
    but if I lack love, I am nothing."

    The Greek word, 'echo' translated as 'have', is one of my favorite words. It means to make it your own, become one with the concept. Sound familiar. It's the same way, that Y'shua is one with the Father, and the same way, we are one with the Messiah.

    The reason, why you are having problems understanding God's Truth, is you don't fully comprehend or make the concept of God's Love, your own. Unitl then, as Sh'aul (Paul) said, "You are but a clanging cymbal."

    Come home. Throw off your pride of clinging to that man-made religion and cling to God. Become part of the Remnant of this Generation and be a committed B'nai Elohim, a Son of God.

  8. Keith, you said, 'At the present time, there is nobody, in Hell.'

    Obviously, you don't believe Jesus, when He said, 'In hell he lifted up his eyes, being in TORMENT, and saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried out and said.......' (Luke 16:23).

    How pathetic is that, that God loves people in hell while they are in torment without lifting a finger to save them.

    God is Love (1 John 4:8-16), therefore His Love cannot and will NOT fail (1 Cor. 13:8), otherwise His love is not reliable and He is not Love.

  9. Hi Paul, You definitely make me smile. :-) One of these days, you are going to have to tell me how you choose to interpret scripture literally or metaphorically. You switch it back and forth, at whim. You make my head spin.

    With that said, I will give you a diagram to depict Gods reality, in relationship to our reality. It will help you to understand this parable. I will get it to you soon.

    Also, there are two places, named in the original Greek text, that is erroneously translated, as hell, in your erroneous English versIon.