Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PI, Courtesy Of The Bible.

Did you know that atheist and non believers ridicule literal Bible believers, by stating, "The Bible (1Kings 7:23-26) mentions a circle whose dimensions would make pi equal to 3."? They go on to say, "This has been a source of humor for skeptics and consternation for literalist Christians, Jews, and Muslims." Well, as most junior mathematicians, they failed to read the word problem completely. The circumference used in their example is plainly described as the internal circum...ference. Once you subtract the thickness of the object and run the math, low and behold, it comes out as 3.1415..... Once again, it shows that if you find something wrong with a literal interpretation of the Bible, it probably means that you didn't take it literal enough. Finally, I'd be remiss, if I didn't mention that modern mathematicians didn't fine tune pi until, Watch Out, Here It Comes, The 18th Century. Modern mathematicians were scooped, AGAIN, by the Bible, by almost 3000 years.

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