Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey Jude! Don't Take It Bad! You Are In Good Company.

Did you know that there are many books, not included in the Bible, that were used by the ancients, as religious references? One such book is the book of Enoch. It is actually referenced in the book of Jude, where it states that Satan fought, with Michael, over the body of Moses. Jude was actually the brother of Y'Shua, Jesus. If it was used by the brother of Y'Shua, then, most likely, it was used by Jesus, himself. The men, who put the Bible together, indicated that The Book of Jude conflicted with established doctrine. However, it does not conflict with the Bible itself. If that is so, why aren't we using it today?


  1. The Bible is the complete inspired word of God, any other writings are not.

    Jude was a bond-servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James.

    1. Hey Paul,
      The Bible is definitely the complete Word of God, that which is necessary for salvation or reconciliation. However, the Bible is not the only inspired Word of God. The Bible was given unto us to recognized the plan of salvation, a picture of Y'shua. However, there are many Jewish and Chiristian writings, that give us a glimpse into the reality of God. The Bible is also our anchor to this reality. If another writing conflicts with the Bible, then it is not an inspired work.