Monday, April 25, 2016

Y'shua, Jesus, The Feast Of First Fruits

Did you know that that today is the 17th day of Nisan and the 1984th year anniversary of the resurrection of the Messiah? It is interesting to note that on that year, this day fell on the Feast of First Fruits, signifying that Y'shua, Jesus was the First Fruits of the grave and those believers, who would follow him. Also, many new beginnings fell on the 17th of Nisan, such as Noah and his family departing the Ark after the flood, the Israelites crossing through the Red Sea, the end of Esther's three day fast resulting in a secession of Haman's death penalty and the Manna stopping and the grain beginning after 40 years, in the desert. All pointing to the ultimate 'New Beginning', in Y'shua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ, on this appointed day, by God. Finally, I must mention that, even though Pilate and the High Priest conspired to seal the tomb and guard it, Y'shua, Jesus rose from the grave and none of his contemporaries disputed the fact.


  1. Beautiful Keith,
    I just wish I could get into a discussion and learn more of the Jewish feasts etc. I believe absolutely there are hidden secrets revealing things about the end times and much more.
    I believe we are very close to Him coming back, and that one day is as a thousand years with God. I don't know if I've shared my thoughts with you regarding this but I believe that when Jesus said 'Today and tomorrow I do cures, the third day I shall be perfected.' that He is talking of His body on earth (the church) being perfected over the next two thousand years after His resurrection through the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks! Getting back to your Jewish Roots are an integral part of realizing the scriptures and the message they tell.

    Good comment concerning the perfection of the body. If we are correct, then we could also expect an additional 1000 years, which reminds me of the 1000 years after his return, before our tears are wiped away. Why a 1000 years of tears? Could it be that we will have 1000 years to reflect on missed opportunities and loss of relationship? I don't know. However, it will be exciting times, when he returns.