Friday, February 26, 2016

How Old Is The Earth?

Did you know that the Bible does not say that the earth is 6000-11000 years old, as some creationist claim? If you read the Bible, for yourself, you will find that number belongs to the time that life has been on this earth. As are matter-of-fact, The Book of Genesis tells us that God created the world and it was without form and was void. The book of Jeremiah tells us that it was not created originally without form and was not void. According to an actual Hebrew dictionary, the Hebrew word "Hayah", originally translated as "was" in the Genesis 1:2 phrase, "The Earth was..." could easily be translated as, "The Earth became Without Form and Void", making both Genesis and Jeremiah complimentary, rather than contradictory, opening up the age of the earth to an unknown amount of years. You see, the apparent contradiction is only there, if we read the book of Genesis as traditional thought dictates.


  1. Hi Keith, I think that the earth must be around six thousand years old, that is of course depending whether we believe the oldest history book in the world (the Bible).

    The Bible gives us the generations with names and age of people right back to Adam, which would make it around six thousand years or so.

  2. Hey Paul, I totally agree that life has been around for around 6000 years. However, the Bible supports the theory that earth has been around for a lot longer. The way the Hebrew is written, there could be a lot of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

  3. Yes brother, that could be possible, but I tend to take the easy way and put it all into one day just as it says in Genesis 1:5, "And there was evening and there was morning, one day" 24 hour.
    Surely the Lord could have done it quicker if He wanted to, but there is a reason why He used a 24 hour day.

    I have read somewhere a report from some scientist who claim that according to the dust thickness on the moon, the moon and the earth could not be more than ten thousand years old.
    But then again I'm not a scientist and I could be easily convinced otherwise.

  4. Hey Paul! It would not prize me if it turns out that it was created all in one day, but I am trying to reconcile what it says in Genesis when compared to Jeremiah 4:23, where it describes genesis 1:2 but it describes it as a judgment result, not directly after creation.

  5. Yes Keith, that could be possible, but Jeremiah 4:23 to 27 seems to me that the Lord Jesus was speaking about the destruction of the world during the flood.
    Verse 27 the Lord said that He will not execute a complete destruction.

    As we know, He saved eight people and the animals and the rest was destroyed.

  6. Hi Paul! If you read Jeremiah 4:23 closely, you will notice that it says that there is no light. It cannot be at the time of the flood because there is no reference to light going away, during the flood . Therefore, it reflects closely to Genesis 1:1–2. Do you see the difference?

  7. Yes that is also a possibility.
    But during the flood the Lord rearranged the face of the earth, and it could be possible that the light was not visible.

    Verse 23, 'the Lord looked to the heavens and they had no light' (visible light). Perhaps, because of the great upheaval on earth.

  8. I agree with everything you wrote. However, don't you feel that your interpretation of Jeremiah requires you read into it something that not there, otherwise speculate, instead of taking what is actually written?