Friday, January 22, 2016

Evidence Points To A Much Younger Earth.

Did you know that evolutionary scientists use the constant rate of radioactive elemental decay to determine the age of the earth? However, since the late 1800's, polonium radioactive halos have been discovered, frozen in time, within granite, from all over the world. This can only have happened if granite had cooled instantly, not over billions of years, as the evolutionist say. Bottom line: This evidence points to a much younger earth than we what we are being told, in mainstream science.


  1. The study of these halos have mostly been done on granite in which granite changes its form if it gets hot anyways. It's obvious that granite is a foundation stone. Not something that is molten and slowly cooling to form a solid rock.

  2. I think the most important thing, to take away from this, is the fact that radioactive halos disipate completely, within miliseconds. If the granite cooled over billions or even millions years, we wouldn't be having this conversation.